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A star is a ball of gas which releases energy by a nuclear fusion process and are contained in galaxies. Big clouds of dust and gas called nebulae are the birthplace of stars. Clumps are formed by the gas and dust spiraling around and they grow bigger and contract. During so, the clumps become very hot and dense and this is called a Protostar; the first part of the sequence of a star. Eventually the temperature rises enough for nuclear fusion reactions to take place. Finally, a new star is born. Going into a long stable period, it will be called a Main Sequence Star. How long a star's main sequence depends on ...view middle of the document...

Little stars will become white dwarfs. Momentarily, the hydrogen gas will continue to burn meanwhile the temperature in the core rises. Now, the helium atoms will fuse to form carbon atoms in the core. On the other hand, the last of the hydrogen gas in the outer shell will be blown away. Planetary nebulas are formed when this happens. Quite after this, the star begins to die. Stars then become white dwarves once the gravity causes the remaining star's matter to collapse inward. The white dwarf will shine with a white hot light until all their energy is gone. Unfortunately, it will now die and become a black dwarf. Viewing a massive star now once it reaches it's red giant phase. While the average star would now become a white dwarf, a massive star will flare up and release energy in an explosion called a supernova which can then result in a neutron star or a black hole. X-rays are emitted off black holes and neutron stars can emit radio waves when the spin. You must understand that a black hole is formed if the core has more mass than about two Suns but if it is of relatively low mass, it will be then be crushed into a neutron star; neutron stars can be called pulsars if the radio waves are emitted in pulses due to it's spin. Zillions of stars are in dozens of galaxies across the universe and go through this life cycle and we are lucky enough to be able to watch them with our technology.By Gina Caracciolo

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395 words - 2 pages , green fir and red bows and some have atached candle-lighted railings and small angels on them. People can find even small Santa Claus figures and snowmen between the light and the green. Many visitors walking around the wonderful Christmas tree, decorated with Christmas-tree-balls, bows and beautiful lights, eating or drinking some of the specialities, they can buy. Secondly, juicy, roast sausages, fresh potato pancakes, still warm stolen

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475 words - 2 pages [that] became popular for all". The Swing was during "the big band era" (video). Rock and roll was popular in the 1950s and came "from rhythm and blues". The Mambo was "of Cuban origin", "with syncopated rhythms" (video). In the 1960s, the Twist was popular. "From pony to mashed potato, individualism hit the dance floor." The Mod was "from Britain". The hippie's dances were "uninhibited free expression", most likely because they used drugs

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832 words - 4 pages Joe Rogan and it includes people doing not only dangerous stunts, but also eating unusual things. Each episode would consist of stunts but also a twist, one stunt is to eat something very odd. From what I have seen, some of the astonishingly gross things are: buffalo testicles, fish eyes, goat eyes, cockroaches, potato bugs, rotten cheese, and earthworms. The eating of these insects may have been influenced by Survivor or it may have not. The show

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