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The statement suggesting that "the journey not the arrival matters" can be discussed either way. In the case of Lionheart, the recount of Jesse Martin's solo trip around the world, can prove this statement true as the book is written about the journey itself and the importance of the process in order to finish it. Another source, which proves the statement true, is text 2 from the stimulus booklet The Ivory Trail--an advertisement or book cover depicting an image of a story written by the author Victor Kelleher. On the other hand The Road Not Taken (by Robert Frost, text 1) puts forward the case that the arrival does have more significance than the journey itself.The theme of Lionhea ...view middle of the document...

The Road Not Taken proposes a different view. In this text the story of the journey is being told and reflected on by the author. He recounts being stumped upon a choice of roads and the final route he decided on trekking. The last stanza "I shall be telling this with a sigh...I took the one less travelled by, and that had made all the difference" displays the importance of the arrival of the journey as it had consequences that made the author reflect and think about his journey and the other choice. If the author had not completed his journey to the end of the chosen path, he would have not been able to make a recount and personal rumination of the event. The arrival holds a more significant role in this particular text.The main theme held in Frost's poem The Road Not Taken is that although the journey needed to happen (in order for an arrival to exist), the arrival of the journey was needed in order for the author to create the text. As well, the author was able to reflect a conclusive judgement of his journey. This is not just saying that all journeys require an arrival in order for it to be recounted and turned into a text, rather, this particular journey was 'taken' to find what the consequences of the arrival would be. The arrival (or the outcome of the arrival) in this case--was the spur for the journey.Contrasting with Lionheart, The Road Not Taken was a journey made purposely for the outcome of the arrival. Jesse Martin describes his desire to sail around the world was to experience the trip itself. He does make reference to the arrival, as he also feels incitement from the future prospect of the ending and achieving a goal (setting a world record). This must be considered, however, that Jesse's initial motivation and key theme was to just simply sail. Therefore, a journey may be done with no prospect of an arrival or ending.The saying goes that when someone goes on a journey they "go from A to B." The fact that Jesse Martin's journey was a circumnavigation proves that Jesse was not interested in voyaging from one pl...


"The Journey, Not The Arrival, Matters" - NSW 2004 Paper 1

1064 words - 5 pages destination, transforms the traveller. Whether to endow them with new understanding about Nature, Man, or the subconscious psyche, to develop qualities like determination or selflessness, or to liberate one from the physical restrictions of the world/self, the journey, not the arrival, matters.

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472 words - 2 pages " landscape of milk-white flesh". The emotional purgation that the journey initiates for the migrants grants them a greater sense of self and understanding of the world. The title of the work, "Crossing the Red Sea", suggests that the journey that the migrants are making is one of danger yet liberation - just as the Israelites made the perilous journey across the Red Sea to escape slavery, the immigrants are making their journey to leave behind

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558 words - 3 pages Physical journey is someone or something moves from one place to another. The film, Cast Away, directed by Robert Zemeckis, shows concepts of physical journey by using the character Chuck Noland who trapped in an isolated and uninhabited island as a result of a plane crash. Through the film, Robert Zemeckis shows that physical journeys are often arduous by nature, a person can feel isolated during the journey, and a physical journey can be

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304 words - 2 pages Free with native children,the thunderous roar out of place.The guide laughs at our conceit,points upwards.We clamber over boulders,escorted by monkeysgreedy for human delicacies,to see this creamy torrentfall to its ruin in a glassy pool.We are not alone.Red and gold fish dart andweave through a seethinghorde of rowdy touristsbathing in sun dappled water.A whoop. The monkey man callsdown his minions.'Cashew, Cashew, 50 rupee'.Survival of the strongest,the ruthless, the most commercial.We bask until near dusk.Until the dust of four wheel drivessettles and the light dims.The journey home is humdrum,lacking desire.

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3345 words - 14 pages Toni-Marie Marsh S1403477 Critically reflect upon your current personal academic journey in the context of educational theory. This essay reflects on my personal learning experiences and how the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) has enabled me to gain a better understanding of my past experiences, and how I can better my future experiences. My targeted area for learning that I need to improve on is procrastination. My choice for this is because

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1718 words - 7 pages Free Van De Hey Halle Van De Hey Professor Aleashia Walton English 2089 10 June 2018 My Journey on the Path to Literacy Literacy. Linguists have loosely and summatively described this as "the ability to read and write." Yet in my own experience and on my own journey, I have found this to be an insufficient definition. It does not begin to describe or encompass the depth of soul that has been endowed to all who write. I read and I write. I see the

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753 words - 4 pages . Lewis it thankful to Sacagawea for saving their most important items. If she hadn’t done this, the whole journey would’ve most-likely been terminated. About a month later, they reached a fork in the Missouri River. To reach the Pacific Ocean, they had to make another great decision that they had to carefully plan out, and again, the Corps was at a stand-still. They eventually made their decision, the correct path, they were riding on the

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862 words - 4 pages turning one’s head, to see beyond the shadows of the cave. Though it is not wholly realised by the new sights alone. Rather, by the self-examination and the realisation that there are more opportunities than previously perceived. Therefore, a physical movement is merely a reflection of the underlying inner journey and just as physical obstacles force one to overcome them to continue to their destination, complexities in self-reflection force of one

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585 words - 3 pages Nadia Helwe Year 11 How belonging and not belonging changes according to our context The concept of belonging through our life is an obstacles of trials, hardships and austerity. Belonging and not belonging has altered perspectives according to context. Vast alterations emerging towards people affect the context in

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2077 words - 9 pages building the upstairs of their house. My little brother was outside alone playing by the pond and fell in the water. It’s not that deep, but for a 2-year-old it is. So, grandpa ran out of the house and jumped into the pond, scooped up my brother like a fishing cat catching prey. He got out of the water with him in his hands and then realized that his phone was in his pocket, so he went inside and put his phone in a bag of rice. My childhood was

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800 words - 4 pages neck, and that’s exactly what the lecturers are for, to guide you and help you through this transition within your years at university. Not only this, but lecturers and seminar leaders are there to make sure you come out of university with the best possible outcome. They are the ones who put in the upmost effort to give the best seminars and lecturers, in order to give you an understanding of your course. They are people who won’t say no when

The Way Journeys And Imaginative Journeys Are Communicated In Two Of The Stimulus Book Items 2004 "The Ivory Trail" And "Journey Into The Interior"

1338 words - 6 pages Free journeys have an ending' links in with the word 'trail', both of these words hold similar meaning which implies that this journey does not necessarily have a final destination or end but that it is what one learns along this journey that truly matters. Thus the responder is able to see that this journey is not a physical one but one of imagination. The enlargement of the word 'trail' in capital letters as compared with the word 'ivory' further

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1801 words - 8 pages Candle Practical Report Rebekah Flood Introduction The aim of the experiment is to determine how the temperature of the candle’s surrounding area affects the time taken for the flame to extinguish. A chemical reaction is the formation of a new substance. Combustion is a chemical reaction because it produces a new substance. This is evident as colour, odour, heat and light are produced. Oxygen and fuel are required for a flame to burn. A candle

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797 words - 4 pages pieces of trash too. One thing that really caught their eyes was a Blue raspberry Fanta bottle. The lettering was faded but it wasn't too hard to read; definitely not a cool find but it reminded Dylan that he brought a few 2 litres of Blue Fanta. They shared the drinks, downing all 4 bottles in 2 minutes, and continued on the journey. They stumbled upon an old bicycle wheel, stepped on a clay pot, and scratched themselves on some old tools. The

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1103 words - 5 pages B) The arrival Chapter 3 Fits of cool breeze sway around my cheek and I feel something lick my quilt. When I wake in slumber, I saw an adorable creature which has a quilt long tongue, a sharp and round body with four smallish foots. Meanwhile, I become the master of it and named it PangPang, then I get up. 在Faintly, I observe an enormous ship that is the transportation to take me to another unacquainted city, flies in the sky. I quickly get up