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P.12-13Vocabulary 1) a3, b9, c5, d10, e1, f4, g8, h7, i6, j22) Positives: mature, decisive, motivated, conscientious, extrovert, independent, sensitive, ambitious, inquisitiveNegatives: introvert3) a) frank, b) outspoken, c) frank/open4) a) mature, inquisitive, ambitious, conscientious, sensitiveb) I think people are born with some certain character traits but personality develops by your age. Your life experiences shape your personality.Grammar 1) a) present perfect continuous, present perfect simpleb) present continuous, present simplec) past simple, past perfect simpled) future continuous, future simplee) past simple, past perfect continuousf) present simple, present ...view middle of the document...

I was born in Geneva, but I have been living in Rome for the past ten years or so. I moved here because I wanted to be nearer my grandparents. I trained as a nurse after I'd left school but I haven't actually found a job in nursing yet. At the moment I'm doing temporary work in an office but I'm thinking of taking a year out next year to travel and see the world. I enjoy outdoor sports and dancing, and jazz and reggae. I played in a band when I was a student and I still perform in public when I get the chance. As regards my personality, I think I'm quite easy to get on with. I'm laid-back, and I have a great sense of humour.9) Hi, my name is Ebru. I was born in Turkey, but I have been living in Slovakia for one month. I came here because of my education. I've passed the Erasmus exam which is a student exchange program and I have a right to live here for one academic year. I have been studying in English Language and Literature for two years. I enjoy walking, travelling and I love all sorts of music but especially foreign music, pop music. As regards my personality, I think I'm quite easy to get on with. I'm mature, inquisitive, sensitive and I have a great sense of humour.P. 16-171) Psychological2) Personality3) Approachable4) Variety5) Possibilities6) Expectations7) gifted8) exceptional9) encouragement10) undeniably4) 1=b, 2=a, 3=c5) -1) 1) push your luck2) by a stroke of luck3) beginner's luck4) take pot luck5) the luck of the draw6) no such luck7) with any luck8) are out of luckA6, b1, c5, d4, e8, f7, g2, h3

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