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P.12-13Vocabulary 1) a3, b9, c5, d10, e1, f4, g8, h7, i6, j22) Positives: mature, decisive, motivated, conscientious, extrovert, independent, sensitive, ambitious, inquisitiveNegatives: introvert3) a) frank, b) outspoken, c) frank/open4) a) mature, inquisitive, ambitious, conscientious, sensitiveb) I think people are born with some certain character traits but personality develops by your age. Your life experiences shape your personality.Grammar 1) a) present perfect continuous, present perfect simpleb) present continuous, present simplec) past simple, past perfect simpled) future continuous, future simplee) past simple, past perfect continuousf) present simple, pres ...view middle of the document...

I was born in Geneva, but I have been living in Rome for the past ten years or so. I moved here because I wanted to be nearer my grandparents. I trained as a nurse after I'd left school but I haven't actually found a job in nursing yet. At the moment I'm doing temporary work in an office but I'm thinking of taking a year out next year to travel and see the world. I enjoy outdoor sports and dancing, and jazz and reggae. I played in a band when I was a student and I still perform in public when I get the chance. As regards my personality, I think I'm quite easy to get on with. I'm laid-back, and I have a great sense of humour.9) Hi, my name is Ebru. I was born in Turkey, but I have been living in Slovakia for one month. I came here because of my education. I've passed the Erasmus exam which is a student exchange program and I have a right to live here for one academic year. I have been studying in English Language and Literature for two years. I enjoy walking, travelling and I love all sorts of music but especially foreign music, pop music. As regards my personality, I think I'm quite easy to get on with. I'm mature, inquisitive, sensitive and I have a great sense of humour.P. 16-171) Psychological2) Personality3) Approachable4) Variety5) Possibilities6) Expectations7) gifted8) exceptional9) encouragement10) undeniably4) 1=b, 2=a, 3=c5) -1) 1) push your luck2) by a stroke of luck3) beginner's luck4) take pot luck5) the luck of the draw6) no such luck7) with any luck8) are out of luckA6, b1, c5, d4, e8, f7, g2, h3


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480 words - 2 pages Practical English DEVELOPING IDEAS Question 1 A trip to the Ocean a. Topic sentence: A trip to the ocean can be a relaxing escape from the everyday pressure of life. b. Unrelated topic: You should always be careful to avoid overexposure to the sun at the beach. Question 5 Cleaning your room or your home First thing to when you are preparing to clean any room or any home is to see what needs cleaned, Secondly once you have figured out what needs

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926 words - 4 pages Physical Sciences Practical Task Grade 12 06 September 2016 Education KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA UTHUKELA DISTRICT PHYSICAL SCIENCES PRACTICAL TASK 06 SEPTEMBER 2016 GRADE 12 MARKS: 25 TIME: 45 MIN This question paper consists of 8 pages including cover page Name of Learner………………………………………………………………………………………………..Grade…………………. INSTRUCTIONS AND INFORMATION 1. Write your name and grade in the appropriate

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491 words - 2 pages · The Effect of Temperature on Cell Membranes By Stephanie Chandler; Updated March 13, 2018 toeytoey2530/iStock/GettyImages A membrane surrounds every living cell, keeping the cell's interior separated and protected from the outside world. Many factors affect how this membrane behaves and temperature is one of the most important. Temperature helps determine what can enter or leave the cell and how well molecules found within the membrane can

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1447 words - 6 pages Haleemah Iqbal University of Manchester Pharmacy with foundation year PHBY01 Coursework Practical The Effect of Alcohol Concentration on the Leakage of Pigment from Beetroot Cells Haleemah Iqbal UN1710159421 Dr Hamer Report 1) Method (6 marks) · Firstly, we began with making the alcohol concentrations using the stock alcohol solution and water provided in order, to prepare a series of six test tubes each containing 10cmᶾ of different

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1339 words - 6 pages Practical task write up Purpose: The reasons for completing this task is to test our ability to preform a task to the best we possible can, by using concentration, attention, stress, arousal, and to test out Yerkes and Dodson’s inverted U theory in a practical activity, which was putting a golf ball over 1.8 meters. The participants were eight Hutchins students, two Collegiate girls and one Fahn girl. Because I wasn’t there I would expect to

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925 words - 4 pages Gardens snails’ response to environment change Lily Espinosa Introduction: The invertebrate that was chosen for the experiment was the Snail Gastropoda. Snails like moist and shady areas, to protect themselves from harmful weathers. Snails also like soil and fresh leaves because they have easy access to food and moist conditions. Snails don’t like pees and tomatoes and its unsafe for them to consume pasta. Salt and water also both kill snails

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575 words - 3 pages Philosophic Wisdom vs. Practical Wisdom PHI 2174 Ramy El-Farou 7842043 Aristotle, in the Nicomachean Ethics, divides the intellectual virtues into distinct categories, practical and philosophic, on the basis of whether they are concerned with what can, or what cannot, be otherwise. Considering the latter, for Aristotle, philosophic wisdom involves knowledge of necessary, scientific, first principles and propositions that can be logically derived

Effect of salinity on growth and germination of wheat seeds - Biology - Practical investigation

2046 words - 9 pages important as it directly relates to increasing problems the Australian Agriculture industry are facing. AIM To determine the effect of different salinities on the rate of growth and germination of wheat seeds. HYPOTHESIS That the higher concentration of saline, the slower the rate of growth and germination in wheat seeds ABSTRACT This practical was completed to determine the effect of different concentrations of salt on wheat seeds. To do this, six

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2870 words - 12 pages Investigating the effect of varying concentration of chloramphenicol and Kanamycin on Staphylococcus aureus inhibition and inhibition of Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, Salmonella typhimurium by antibiotics   Ziphozonke Manyathi  216003412  University of KwaZulu-Natal  School of Life Sciences  Discipline of Microbiology  Antibiotics are antimicrobial drugs made from living organisms that are used to treat or prevent bacterial infections


835 words - 4 pages Engineering Graphics ANd DESIGN Content Page 1. Design Brief 2. Research 3. Possible Solutions (3 Designs) 4. Evaluation and selecting a Final Design 5. Working Drawings 5.1. Layout Drawings (scale 1:100) 5.1.1. Floorplan 5.1.2. Sectional Elevation Two Elevations (Front & Side) 5.2. Site Plan (Scale 1:200) 5.3. Two Point Perspective (Scale 1:100) Management Plan 1. Design Brief - 15 minutes 2. Research - 30 minutes 3. Possible Solutions (3

How the temperature of a candle’s surrounding area affects time taken for the flame to extinguish - Physics - Practical Report

1801 words - 8 pages Candle Practical Report Rebekah Flood Introduction The aim of the experiment is to determine how the temperature of the candle’s surrounding area affects the time taken for the flame to extinguish. A chemical reaction is the formation of a new substance. Combustion is a chemical reaction because it produces a new substance. This is evident as colour, odour, heat and light are produced. Oxygen and fuel are required for a flame to burn. A candle

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439 words - 2 pages 4. Please: - a) give up to three practical examples of how you intend to use the knowledge, skills and connections you will gain from your scholarship. Possible tasks can be personal and/or professional; and b) list any possible constraints you think may prevent you from achieving these tasks.* Firstly, my knowledge and capacities will use for better equipping local teachers who have coped with many challenges of teaching and learning English in

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587 words - 3 pages learning styles to be effective. However, other skills and abilities such as life skills should also be considered to be important to building a solid foundation to aid an individual in gaining a sound education. References Chambers English dictionary, 1992, Cottrell, S. 2013, The study skills handbook, 4th edn, Palgrave Macmillan, London Gravells, A. 2008 Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector, 3rd edn, Learning Matters Ltd,Exeter Wilson, L. 2009 Practical Teaching A Guide to PTLLS & DTLLS, Cengage Learning, Hampshire. 1

Strategies to teach English Language Learners - CIEE 2333 - Essay

735 words - 3 pages English Language Learners Summary Learning how to communicate and instruct non-English students in a regular classroom is a challenging task. Nearly three in four classrooms include at least one English Language Learner, teachers who lack the experience with English Language Learners (ELL) might feel fear and overwhelmed. However, there are steps that can help facilitate educators. The article entitled “Supporting English Language Learners in


499 words - 2 pages type of doctor you want to become. This further training can mean several more years of education.Qualifications: Entry to training can be very competitive and so high grades are required.The usual requirements are: GCSE's "“ (A-C) in: English literature English language Science (double award) and two other subjects A-Levels: Chemistry an additional science/ maths subject and one other subject The course requirement may vary, as there is