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1: ………………………………………..evaluating the importance of writing in P.R
2: ………………………………………..creative and conceptual writing
3: ……………………………………… nature of news and news reporting
4: ………………………………………journalistic skills used by a PRP
5: ……………………………………….editing and page layout
6: ……………………………………….. reference list
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Introduction –
Question 1
The interaction between public relations and journalism is a relationship of mutual benefit as one would not be as successful without the help of the other, basically in order for public relations to be successful, an input from journalism is needed and vice versa. In this essay I will be evaluating the ethics between these two practises & provide examples of ethical issues that arise in this field of work included how organisations, PR practitioners & journalists should approach them. I will include an in-depth definition of what ethics are to get a vast and better understanding of the topic.
Ethics is the study of what constitutes right or wrong, or good or bad human behaviour. More precisely, it is a set of criteria by which the decisions are made about what is considerably wrong or ill practice. Through the centuries many different views about ethics were made. The purpose of a code of ethics is merely because it comprises a catalogue of principles and rules of behaviour shielding the actions of companies, its internal and external stakeholders more so the employees, so as to ensure ethical and responsible behaviour in their work. It is equally important to understand as a PR consultant that the ethics Code does not take aim to shield per situation that may arise. Inversely, it establishes marginal standards of behaviour that should guide companies and all of their workers to be professionals in their work and outside the workplace.
Organisations and their P.R managers should operate in such a way as to minimise any environmental impact, complying with all standards set down in environmental regulations. Actively contributing to raising awareness of the effects of climate change is an example of good ethical practise. Printed products, and the use of paper, ink and other printing material, energy usage, water consumption, pollution and waste, should be viewed as the main elements in the that impact on the environment & should all be under the watchful eye of responsible management by the Public relations practitioner .
Organisations and the PR field should aim to maintain a continuous and sustained creation of value for its shareholders and investors, providing them with permanent channels of communication enabling them to receive appropriate, useful and full informat...

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