Pre Columbian Culture With An Emphasis On The Aztecs, Mayans, And Incas Tolsia High School And Spanish Assignment

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It’s been months since I’ve talked to him. I was finally getting over him and here he comes back to me apologizing for everything. Me being me I forgave him because I love him. He didn’t destroy me. He cracked me and it hurt. He was the calm before the storm. Now as I see him in the halls all I can smell is his scent because now the calm is gone and the storm is hitting harder than before. The waves crashing on the shore. Dragging me in. He’s drowning me and I’m letting him because I’m tired of fighting. He found someone new. Someone prettier. Someone smarter. Someone funnier. Someone better than me in every way. No he won’t come back. If he ever did I would take him back because I’ll think maybe, it’ll be different this time. No it won’t It’ll be the same. Same old story. Same old wound ripped wide opened. He’s nothing special. Just a plain boy with brown hair and blue eyes. Oh my, his eyes. They cause you to sink deeper and deeper in the sea you are drowning in. I used to be able to walk around and not smell his scent but now it’s like that’s all I can smell. I can’t describe it except it’s him. I find so much pain and comfort in it. He could have been the love of my life but I was never enough for him from the start. I was a toy for him then he got bored and it was time to move on. I’m tired of laying on the ground cracked. So now many months later I’m healing and I’m moving on without him. He didn’t break me. He didn’t destroy me. Yea it felt like it at first but now I see that he just lightly cracked me because I gave him that power. Now the only thing he knows about me is that I’m happy without him. I was in love with the idea of love. I wanted it so bad to be love that I made it love when really it was just lust. He wanted someone to please him...

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668 words - 3 pages , produced at one hatching or birth Aztecs-N-a member of the American Indian people dominant in Mexico before the Spanish conquest of the 16th century Mayas-N-a member of an American Indian people of Yucatán and adjacent areas Plaintive-AD-sounding sad and mournful Cavernous-AD-like a cavern in size, shape, or atmosphere Intercession-N-the action of intervening on behalf of another Melee-N-a confused fight, skirmish, or scuffle Turgid-AD-swollen and

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474 words - 2 pages Journal #1 “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” – Benjamin Franklin I believe that Benjamin Franklin was trying to say that the more time we spend organizing things, the more productive we can be. Things go smoother when you have a well thought out plan. This happens to me all the time. I’ll start writing a paper with no clue where I’m going, and 4 hours later I can only have a page of writing done. However, when I plan out my

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581 words - 3 pages 5. En Argentina cuando nieva y hace frío necesito ____________. 1. una bufanda y un abrigo 2. una camiseta y pantalones cortos 3. un libro y unos discos compactos 4. un paraguas y un impermeable Module 8 Exercise B: Leisure Vocabulary 1. Fill in the blank with an activity you'd like to participate in during this type of weather.
Cuando hace mal tiempo, me gusta leer.

 2. Fill in the blank with an activity you'd like to participate in during this

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