Precocious. A Short Story About Bad Communication And Father/Son Relationships"

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"Exactly what kind of stupid shit have I gotten myself into this time?" I asked my father."Don't worry, it only gets worse ... er ... better I mean," he replied."Growing up I invariably figured the two of you knew inherently how to raise us, now I question my ability to survive even my pregnant wife's wrath, much less an incessantly crying baby.""Funny you feel that way. Your mother and I raised you despite our ignorance and oddly enough I feel no more qualified now than I did more than twenty years ago.""Oh, thanks for that. You know what? I seriously doubt, based on your uplifting words here, that you truly are more qualified.""I love you too son," said my father. "Now instead ...view middle of the document...

It is certainly far more reminiscent of a triage base that exists in any "X-files" like movie where recently captured aliens are carved like the Christmas ham with a bit of grade B teenage horror movie screaming mixed in to accent the not so serene surroundings. When I first witnessed my son, Owen, born into this troubled world, I felt a magnificent burst of love that Christ himself could not have invoked. Seconds later however, when the surprisingly slow neurons had traveled from my all too eager optic nerve to what I like to refer to as myself, my brain, a mere millimeters away, that love remained, capped with something new, shock. Thoughts will race through one's mind in this situation: "Funny, my head isn't twice as tall as it is wide," or "What exactly is that nurse doing stitching up my wife ... down there?" Luckily, for my own sanity these were intermingled like morse code within those of concern, fear, excitement and certainly, love. Suffice to say, the first day with my new child was not a picnic, a miracle, a wonderful package from god, the stork or any other freakish analogy that might be told to children and ignorant soon to be parents alike. It was however, the day that my life was drastically altered and along with the sickness and utter horror witnessed that day, I gained something new, a pride never experienced before. One that seems to multiply exponentially every week like an algorithm gone awry.Most will tell you that children in their early years are an utter handful. Luckily for my wife and myself this was not the case with Owen. In fact, mere weeks after leaving the hospital we were sleeping nearly an entire night, something many families are devoid of for months if not years. Perhaps more importantly however than my now beautiful son's penchant for nighttime silence was his daytime demeanor and willingness to learn, in his case siphon, as much knowledge as I could possibly bear to part with. Even before he had grasped a few meager words he was the proverbial hawk watching my every move and taking clues more often than not when least expected. Ever vigilant to the fact that I was under constant surveillance, my at home demeanor abruptly changed from college student/dock-worker to nearly angelic overnight. With ourselves safely on track, my most daunting task was to prevent Owen's grandfather from one of his favorite past-times: teaching Owen large words in a creepy manner. Imagine my shock upon picking up my son at his grandparents house only to gaze stunned at my boy eagerly rubbing his tiny hands together in an evil manner and repeating over and over "My plans are coming to fruition.""Skip out on this one?" I said to my father. "If you know of any way I can achieve that at a point like this I'd love to know.""I can think of one way," Dad replied. "Close your eyes for a second. I swear to you, if you do, you'll notice the next thing happening is your child on a bike and that you've missed a year, then two.""Seriously...


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1130 words - 5 pages with its poison. He became cruel, devoted to finishing his work and finding the ‘lost treasure’. He would fling the office door open, look down at me as I sat hunched up, with my knees to my chest. Snarling baring his teeth, he yelled, “The sound of you breathing is frustrating me now scram!” “Don’t worry, son your father is just under a lot of stress.” My mother was certain of the return of father’s integrity. “He’ll be back to normal once he

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792 words - 4 pages joined a group associated with the American Nazi Association. It was run by an economical bank rat that only cared about keeping relations with the Jews to better his financial status, "What a hypocrite." See the Jews controlled most of the investment banks in the city; they were the money bags of the city and they basically controlled anyone greedy bigot who enjoyed the green. you know the type that fuck other women behind their wife's back. The

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707 words - 3 pages - maybe the cupboard was the best hiding place she could think of. The note was from that friend, Ron, she had a couple of years back. Seemed like a good kid. They fell out, it seemed – she abruptly stopped talking about him, and when I inquired about the lack of communication, she said, somewhat sullenly, that they had “lost touch,” or didn’t “have anything in common.” I felt for Sarah, like I said, he seemed like a decent boy, besides, most

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3235 words - 13 pages Free I could never ever had expected back then. My eyes glided to the photo next to it. It was of Tod and my mother. The picture was recent, probably when he was ten. The two of them stood in the park at about noon. Mom had her arms wrapped around her son, with a giant, highly exaggerated grin. Tod didn’t share her happiness, he was frowning, looking down at the ground. Overall, his expression was a mixture of depression and hatred, and I knew why

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740 words - 3 pages case would cause worse things. After a while they put Seyed and his entire family in a local sanction. They were not allow to buy and sell things. One day Imad, seyed’s son, went out of city to meet Rahman and talk with him about their situation. They had a long discussion. They accepted that the regime has to change. Because it’s not responding people’s expectations. Imad told Rahman everything in family is okay. And after that regime has

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1445 words - 6 pages go. The best parties, hangouts and meetings go in in that very place. I have wanted to go there since I was a little girl and now the time is here, and it is now. Jamie and I have been talking about this moment our whole lives - how we will wear our finest clothes, dance to the finest songs and meet the finest people. It would be the night of our lives. But then I heard mum knocking on the door. My heart melted after she told me the news. I

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832 words - 4 pages It puzzled her mind as to why such a forgiving mother could do such an unforgiving thing. Her mother’s words ‘family is important Nina remember that’ played over and over in her head like a cassette stuck in a cassette player. She wondered why and how her mother could leave them like this. His work was his excuse. He always found a reason to avoid spending time with her. He would buy Nina toys to try hide that he was a distant father. He was

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911 words - 4 pages were stripped of their rights and citizenship, our sacred places of worship were destroyed, our family’s properties confiscated and we are now coerced into wearing a star badge, like a target, on our right arm. My mother was humiliated, my father furious, however it wasn’t until family after family disappeared, like dew on a June morning, that I realised what danger confronted us. That’s how we got here, all four of us living in a musty cramped

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1961 words - 8 pages get their fat hands on short lived fame. In a materialistic society fame was craved by many. Maria Rocha was member of the minor class of high school and university educated individuals. This prosperity lead Maria to a highly regarded position as a bank manager with even higher career prospects. Her life, the dotting image of what many sought. An adoring husband, dream job, educated and an alluring demeanor. Consequent to the arrival of the

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1080 words - 5 pages Free General Statement The short story, “The Juggler”, written by Ursula Hegi, takes place in Coeur d’Alene in the first weekend of October. This first-person narrator tells the story of a mother who is struggling to accept the fact that her daughter Zoe’s boyfriend Michael is slowly losing his eyesight. The author starts by describing the relationship between Michael and Zoe as very loving but dependant relationship. Main idea He then proceeds to

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1332 words - 6 pages Full of Sins  Mia comes in her home with her long lost brother whom she has found. Her mother - Mel - was so devastated of her elder daughter that left a year ago. She recently had her twins and she doesn’t want her family to meet them. Mel told Mia about her brother that she gave up for adoption when she was in high school, her dad - Hal - wanted her to have an abortion but she gave it up for adoption hoping to see him one day. Hal and Mel

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1277 words - 6 pages Free began to tremble as the large thrusters ignited, and a voice over the intercom announced the long-awaited news: Home time. // DAYS SINCE LAUNCH: 3682 I had just finished my meal, when there was a loud banging on the door of my cabin. I opened the door and Violet stood there, distraught, short of breath, pointing towards the large window in the hallway. “Captain, you need to see this.” Before me, floated the signal of a lost Earth. Voyager 6, the

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1086 words - 5 pages did their best to convince James otherwise of capturing the dog. Unfortunately for them, James had waited twenty-two years for this moment and he was not about to give up now. As a matter of fact, he had already grown so attached to the animal that he decided he would name it Philippa if it were a girl, and Arthur if it were a boy. Back to James' plan: he needed to figure out what to do. Clearly his warm smile, inviting arms and soothing voice were

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805 words - 4 pages conglomerate, every business on the market was now about as worthless as an art history degree. Every digit that bolstered corporate America fell into a void of nothingness, as meaningless as the syllables of an unknown tongue. Suddenly, Gordon felt his shoulder shaken by a hand icily cold and clammy as death. It was the company CEO, Herbert Dean jr.; a greedy smirk was clawing its way up his face. The middle-aged man had an indefinable resemblance to

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1206 words - 5 pages As Ceres, the goddess of agriculture, got ready to leave, her daughter came running up and tugged on her mother's silky dress with her tiny hands. As Ceres turned around a strong wind came and blew her glistening, blonde locks away from her face, flowing in the breeze. She looked down to see her daughter in a flowy blue sundress. She smiled down to her daughter. “What’s wrong my little angel?” Proserpina looked up into her mother’s eyes, "Mommy