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Refers to Collins Dictionary, it stated the definition that “Prejudice is an unreasonable dislike of a particular group of people or things, or a preference for one group of people or things over another” (n.d.). Prejudice usually associates with personal bias that displays a particular attitude towards a specific object, a group of people or culture, due to diverse comprehension, opinions, interests and values. I hold prejudiced view on the alcohol abuse since I have met some alcoholics with unpleasant experience. Since drinking becomes a common way to get rewind for people nowadays, it is reasonable to drink properly, but not to be addicted to alcohol. However, there is still a form of addiction called alcohol abuse which is considered a serious issue exists on today’s society. From my perspective, I have prejudice against on the alcoholics due to excessive drinking can lead to many problems on the individual, the alcohol abusers continuously demonstrate that they carelessly harm body health, neglect the responsibility on loved ones and on work, also behave irrationally which could negatively impact on self lifestyles and even the surroundings.
First of all, I have a bias on the person who has alcohol abuse due to that they usually neglect the body health and indulge in the transient relief of alcohol. Alcohol abuse has a harmful effect on body health, which lead to many health issues, such as a headache, high blood pressure, raised the possibility to get heart disease (Alcohol Abuse, 2018, para 7). My 69-year-old grandfather who used to be addicted to liquor, and he eventually experienced long-term treatment because of alcohol abuse. More specifically, as soon as he exposed to alcohol, he is entirely out of hand drinking beyond the capacity and extremely unconscious and dazed. However, as a result, it leads to a significantly negative impact on his body, his physical condition has deteriorated a lot. At first, he frequently had headaches or vomiting, and then he had coma a few times. We are entirely frightened and sent him to the hospital, but he still abused to liquor. Eventually, his physical endurance capacity gradually weakened, he began to have the symptoms of high blood pressure which increases the possibility to have the heart attack and turns to a significant threat to life. As a consequence, he was demanded to accept a long-term and rigid treatment that benefits to reduce blood pressure, mainly by cutting down on alcohol. The treatment lasted for an extended period and caused an earlier retirement. Therefore, I have prejudice against alcoholic due to alcohol abuse leads to the irresponsibility and less concern to the physical health.
Besides, it also causes constant stress and negligence of responsibility and cares to family members. That is to say, they have to worry about the occurrence of potential accidents from the abuser, and carry on additional responsibility to take care of everyone in the family. One of my neighbor cal...


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