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Prejudice And Discrimination Against Minorities; Comparison To Staten Island Incident. Includes Bibliography

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When a person hears the word prejudice, he or she might think it only refers to the racial prejudice often found between those with light skin and those with dark skin. However, prejudice runs much deeper than a person's skin color. Prejudice is found among gender, religion, cultural and geographical background, and race. People have discriminated against others based upon such hatred. Our society is riddled with a strong sense of hatred based upon people's beliefs and origins, and it seems millions are fighting each other for no appropriate reason at all.In David Popenoe's "Sociology," the author believes that the distinguishing characteristic of a prejudice is that it relies on ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, the writer says that an authoritarian personality is enforced at a young age and is partly a result of strict parental control. He urges that prejudice is always learned; it is not something that is hereditary. The author continues that individuals discover prejudice through school, church, parents, friends, books and television. Additionally, he stresses the fact that people living in this type of atmosphere tend to become ethnocentric, thinking that their culture is superior while judging others by the standards of their own. Subsequently, Popenoe reveals that prejudice by one group toward another arises when there are situational changes in a society. He comments on a particular modification, explaining how established immigrants in the U.S. developed prejudice against new immigrants. Lastly, the writer presents the idea of prejudice and discrimination as two very separate concepts. He identifies prejudice as a type of attitude, whereas discrimination is defined as an action or behavior. Furthermore, Popenoe conveys how the notions compliment one another: different types of discrimination result from prejudice feelings, and similarly, ongoing discrimination can build prejudice.An injustice was done on September 2, 2003 to six people while walking to Crescent Beach Park from a friend's barbecue. Around 2 a.m., Rachel Carter, 18, and five of her friends approached the park, located in the Great Kills section of Staten Island. When they reached a bench, they noticed a group of white youths nearby. Out of nowhere, one of them began to yell a racial slur, apparently directed toward Ms. Carter. A few harmless words were exchanged between the two groups, and soon Carter and her friends prepared to leave. Then a girl from Ms. Carter's group began to violently argue with someone from the other group, and the situation escalated into a bloody attack. As one white youth pulled out a knife and cut the arm of Jose Alvarado, another grabbed a broken bottle and slashed the arm of Frank Sottile. Justin Moglia, another friend of Ms. Carter was also brutally attacked and left with two black eyes, while a...

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