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Presentation Essay

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Today I would like to take this opportunity to share my hobbies with you.First of all, my first hobby is watching movies. I love to watch sci-fi movies when I am free. For example, Star Wars, Walking Dead and Biohazard have been my longtime favorites. I enjoy Star Wars the most. When it comes to having this hobby, I have found many advantages of it. Firstly, watching English movies without subtitles can contribute to my English learning. Different words, especially, some specific names and unusual words can be learnt by watching movies such as blast, escape pod and power generation shield. I think it is an interesting way to learning English. The next reason is some of the ...view middle of the document...

However, after I start reading I couldn't get over it. As I was not a patient as a child, I couldn't focus on something for a longtime. Therefore, my primary class teacher recommended me to reading in order to improve my concentration. After I read, I found reading was more fascinating than I originally thought. Reading has widened my horizon a lot as I can learn something unusual in my live, for example, the different culture in different countries, the specific term of Economics even the supply- chain management theory of Business operation. Reading can result in my all-round development. It can not only widen my horizon but also contribute to my patience.Finally, my third hobby is baking. Baking is my hobby because, I love to eat! Especially desserts! I love to make cookies, cakes, pies, pretty much every dessert, because right after, I get to eat it. On the other hand, baking also helps me release my stress. It takes me to a whole new world, where I can just mix the batter, and get messy, not caring about anything. Another reason that I really like about baking, is that there's always something you can make for every occasion. For example, for Halloween, I can decorate cupcakes and cookies spooky with witches and ghosts. For Valentine's Day, I can always do the same, just decorate it with hearts. And the most important thing is I can share my work with my families and my beloved friends.This sums up my three favorite hobbies that I enjoy the most and I recommended you to try the above thing that I mentioned; I strongly believe it will be beneficial for your living. Thank you for your attention.

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