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The Atomic Bomb
The Atomic Bomb was developed during WWII-- before the US got involved in the war-- by the scientists working in the “Manhattan Project.” President Roosevelt was the only person who knew about this nuclear weapon at the time. But, when he passed away tragically, Truman was informed of this powerful and destructive weapon. Truman knew using this bomb on Japan would be necessary especially after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor--The U.S Naval Base-- killing 2,403 innocent Americans . If the U.S attempted to invade Japan, it would result in more horrific American casualties. As a result, he ordered that the new weapon be used to bring the war to a speedy end.
On August 6, 1945 Truman dropped the Atomic bomb (“Little Boy”) on the people of Hiroshima in Japan, killing 90,000-146,000 people. Then three days later another bomb (“Fat Man”) was dropped on Nagasaki, killing over 39,000 people. The nuclear bombing brought WWII to an end.
The main reaction of the US population after Truman’s decisions was, “Thank God it’s over.” No question that many people did not care for how it was ended but for most people, the end justifies the means. They weren’t worrying about the war anymore.
The Truman Doctrine
The Truman Doctrine was based on a speech made to Congress on March 27, 1947 by Truman. Great Britain could no longer fund Turkey and Greece, so the U.S need to step in to help nations threatened by communism .He pledged to support other countries in their struggle and asked for $400 million in economic and military assistance for Turkey and Greece. If those areas were left to struggle, communism would then spread south to Iran and as far east as India.America needed to help contain communism.The legislators agreed to endorse the program, on the condition that President Truman tells the severity of the crisis in an address to Congress and in a radio broadcast to the American people. The Truman Doctrine became the foundation of American foreign policy, and led, in 1949, to the formation of NATO, a military alliance that is still in effect.
The Marshall Plan
The Marshall Plan was an American initiative to aid Western Europe. The United States gave over $12 billion in economic assistance to help rebuild Western European economies after the end of World War II. The main objective was to rebuild the shattered countries of Europe, and restore them to pre-war prosperity. This would help discourage Europe from embracing communism.
Berlin Airlift
On June 24, 1948, the Soviet Union blocked all road and rail travel to and from West Berlin, which was located within the Soviet zone of occupation in Germany. This was in response to the refusal of American and British officials to allow Russia more say in the economic future of Germany. Truman’s administration called for a direct military response. Truman did not want to cause World War III, so instead he ordered a massive airlift of supplies into West Berlin. It was a challenging task to provide fo...


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