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How do I analyze an argument in order to form an educated opinion?
1) Write the AGENDA into your TRACKER.
2) Some nice person(s) will help pass out the composition books and library fines (if any).
3) Have your “Everything Notes” pages 7-9 ready.
4) Open your textbook to page 960. Continue working on gathering data from the two articles until Mr. Block greets you.
· Allow 5-10 minute work period for students to finish step #1.
· Provide a 5-10 minute share out session for students to discuss their findings for step #1.
· Provide 20 minutes for students to complete steps #2, #3, and #4.
· Share results at end.
Analysis: Professional Athletes’ Salaries
Step 1: Gather Data
Article title (pg. 960):
Pro Athletes’ Salaries Aren’t Overly Exorbitant
Article title (pg. 962):
Do Professional Athletes Get Paid Too Much?
Mark Singletary
Justin Hjelm
Athletes are paid fairly.
Athletes are paid too much.
Logos support:
Logos support:
Pathos support:
Pathos support:
Ethos support:
Ethos support:
Line 1-6
10-13 Stereotype
16-20 Stereotype
77-82 Stereotype
83-93 Loaded Language / Ad Hominem
Athletes are paid fairly because they deserve what the fans are willing to pay.
Athletes are paid too much because we put too much importance on entertainment.
Steps 2, 3, and 4 will require:
· Complete sentences.
· Examination of your data.
Step #2: Ask questions
Answer in a few short paragraphs.
1. What do you personally value most between ethos, logos, and pathos? Why?
2. How much does the presence of fallacies make you distrust the argument? Are some fallacies worse than others?
Step #3: Draw a conclusion
1. Compare the ethos, logos, and pathos side by side. What are the strengths and weaknesses of both arguments?
2. Which article made the better argument? Why?
3. What is your final, educated opinion on baseball player’s salaries?
Step #4: Strategizing
1. What, if anything, do you think should be done about professional athletes’ salaries? Why?
2. Write a “What if…” statement that encapsulates what you think should be done about athlete’s salaries.
Concluding thought:
Why should we analyze arguments?
Possible answers:
Article title:
“Pro Athletes’ Salaries Aren’t Overly Exorbitant”
Article title:
“Do Professional Athletes Get Paid Too Much?”
Mark Singletary
Justin Hjelm
“Athletes deserve what the fans are willing to pay…”
“Athletes are paid far too much for simply playing games.”
“We simply put too much importance on entertainment.”
“Athletes deserve what the fans are willing to pay because they make the game entertaining.”
“Athletes are paid far too much for simply playing games because even though entertainment is a necessary thing, it is not needed nearly as much as countless other occupations.”
Logos support:
“All athletes are a busted knee, concussion… away from the end of their career…very few sports offer contracts that go beyond the season…”
“When fans come to see the stars perform, the value of the franchise increases.”
Logos support:
“Nolan Ryan broke ground in 1979, becoming the first 1 million-a-year contract.”
[any reference to the player profiles on the side of the pages]
Pathos support:
“I’ve always thought of myself as the kind of guy who would give his left arm… to have a chance to play any of the major league sports.”
Pathos support:
“These players forfeit their college eligibility and will struggle for years to make an NBA team…. Without a college education, they struggle to find a decent job.”
Ethos support:
The author himself is a professional sports writer.
[there really isn’t one—the students should be able to realize this]
Ethos support:
(sort of…)
Babe Ruth
Nolan Ryan
(any of the profiles on the side of the page, really.)
“Athletes deserve what the fans are willing to pay because they make the game entertaining.”
“Athletes are paid far too much for simply playing games because even though entertainment is a necessary thing, it is not needed nearly as much as countless other occupations.”
Fallacy (ad hominem or stereotype)
Stereotype: “Of course, the players are selfish”
Fallacy (ad hominem or stereotype)
Stereotype: “They have no ability to relate to the public)
Ad Hominem: Kenny Anderson of the Boston Celtics complaining.


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