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Prioritizing The It Project Portfolio Paper

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Prioritizing the IT Project Portfolio PaperVicky DuganCMGT/57309/22/2014Dion Rettberg
Running head: Prioritizing the IT Project Portfolio Paper



Lila's Web design is a fairly new business. Lila has about 45 employees, and is in the middle of interviewing for an IT project manager. The Information Technology (IT) project will play an important role in Lila's business. The new IT project manager will be looking into getting the Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools. ...view middle of the document...

The PPM will also help to identify those projects that have a good success.Lila's Web design has so many factors when thinking about prioritizing the IT projects. The PPm is a very powerful tool that Lila's Web design will have. The PPM will help focus on the management of each IT projects. The new IT project manager needs to evaluate the importance and review the strategic objectives. The IT manager will have to take a look at Lila's strategic plan. Strategic plan is where the IT project manager will strengthen operations, set priorities, focus energy, and work on the common goal of the company. This is so that the IT project can be evaluated through the following criteria.Will the project create or drives more revenue for the company.Will the project cut the cost of doing business?Is this project mandated by federal, country, state, and local law?Is there any competitor in business who has undertaken a similar project?The model that we will be using for helping with prioritizing information technology projects is called the Credit Union Return on Technology (CURT) according toReferencesDenbo, Adam, and Rand. Guthrie. Prioritizing IT Projects: An Empirical Application of an IT Investment Model. Systemshttp://

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