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Prisons Essay

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A Heart Behind Bars As his adrenaline pumps through his body, his heart beat beings to race as he walks through the sin he is about to commit in his mind. Approaching the victim, his eyes glaze over and his heart freezes as his hand reaches out to touch the girl. Although his thoughts are spinning, the need for pleasure is dominating his actions. The minutes pass by as the screams intensify the pleasure into a struggle. The plan isn't going quite as he had thought. Just a few more seconds until there is silence, five, four, three, two, it is finally over. Now two choices come immediately into mind. Should he get rid of the evidence himself or should he rely on the drug he gave her ...view middle of the document...

She helped him realize what he had done was undoubtedly wrong, but he still had a chance to get right with God before his death penalty was carried out. He was given an opportunity to change his heart. By the end of the movie he learned to love God and also the woman who had spent so much time with him. He was given a second chance, and it saved his life eternally, just because someone took the time to care. Life for a convicted criminal shouldn't be luxurious by any means, but they are still people and deserved to be forgiven if they truly want help. One on one counseling sessions with these criminals would be a good first step toward change. So many people feel like no one cares about them or wants to listen to their problems. A personal counselor would be perfect for helping the criminals deal with those emotions in an appropriate manner. The counselors could set up a time each day or week to be in the prison to listen and assist. These criminals are crying out for help by their devious actions and might benefit from simply talking to someone who cared. Also, keeping a diary or journal each day might help them collect their thoughts. People like themselves who commit crimes have an unbelievable amount of chaos and stress built up which might be relieved through expression in a journal. Instead of dealing with anger and pain by going out and shooting or raping someone, the counselors could teach the...

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