Problems Come In Life Just As They Do In Nature

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Problems come in life just as they do in nature. You cannot stop them but only shield yourself from them. At the same time a state of offense should not be used either. The character of this poem was in a comfortable and happy state of mind before the wrath of the storm pulled him out of the nirvana. "I leave the book upon a pillowed chair." His mind was engrossed in the book and his body sat pleasantly in the padded chair. Life may be good it may even be great but th ...view middle of the document...

"Weather abroad and weather in the heart alike come on regardless of prediction." Predicting what will happen in the future does nothing to stop it from becoming a reality. The only thing we can do is shield ourselves from it's fury the same way the character shuts the windows, draws the curtains, and lights the candle. In life the same thing must be done by being protected from any harm the storms of our life may bring about either mental or physical. Some things in life happen no matter what we do or how hard we work to try and thwart it's effort. "The wind will rise, we can only close the shutters." Problems come into every life, how a person deals with it will determine the outcome more than what the original situation was. It is suggested to simply protect oneself from the protagonist rather than becoming one. The character in this poem lights a candle which brings a light glow into the room with some heat as well. That same person does not build a fire as if to consume the troubles that surround it. We should not distress about the troubles in our life. At the same time a welcome is not needed. Protection from the adversary will promptly bring about the best outcome. Aggression is not essential for a prosperous ending and will likely bring about a worse situation.


Aspirations in life and the things that come with it - Bsc english - Essay

433 words - 2 pages High School, and my co-workers at the Memphis Ambassadors Program there’s nothing I can’t accomplish. With my great dedication and determination I’ll overcome all obstacles that are bound to come my way and achieve this goal by spring of 2015. I’ve participated in district meetings, Leadership Training School, Sunday school, Bible Study, St. Paul CME choir, and I’m also Sunday school secretary. Those are just a few things I do while I’m on my

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1612 words - 7 pages every scenario in life. Another criticism can be found on Bentham's egalitarian approach. The simplistic approach results in the reduction of dignified pursuits and upgrading many undignified animal like pleasures, with little or no concern of how they are produced. Such critics pounced on Bentham's advocacy of animal sentience, a view held by few at the time, and mocked utilitarianism as a ‘doctrine only worthy of swine’. (barber, p.67). An

Think win win ( there is more in life than just blaming and hating) - jan klein highschool - essay

489 words - 2 pages , or Lose-Lose. These are all common but poor attitudes toward life. A Win Win attitude to live is the believe that we are all equal and that we all have the same ability to succeed. It is the ability to be happy for someone who is succesful without thinking “I cannot do it because I am not good enough”. If that is the way you think you will never be able to have an end goal and a plan that will work. You must believe that you are able to do it

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689 words - 3 pages ‘Life As A House’- Essay The act of self- reflection is an essential aspect of journeys. Provide extensive reasoning regarding whether you agree or oppose this concept utilising the text ‘Life As A House’. Journeys Involve Overcoming Obstacles. Discuss the statement in relation to your text and one other text selected. The prevalence of the overcoming of obstacles presented in the trials and tribulations of spiritual, physical and mental

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439 words - 2 pages animals and for to improve public health. They treat and dress wounds, perform surgery on animals, examine animals to diagnose their health problems. They treat small companion animals, as a small animal vet, they also treat livestock and other farm animals. They treat injuries and illness of all types of animals and pets. Veterinarians also travel to places to check on animals that are too big to come to the vet. Working conditions The work place can

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1163 words - 5 pages Louise Page uses various political elements in her play. In woman's theatre the issues are more often based around the personal and domestic aspects of the home and family. Page addresses breast cancer in her play emphasising that it is a subject appropriate for the stage, this also demonstrates that these issues have just as much social and political significance to the audience as other issues approached by male playwrights. She uses theatre

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645 words - 3 pages stripped them all of their German citizenship and deprived them of basic rights. To further complicate the definitions, there were also people living in Germany who were defined under the Nuremberg Laws as neither German nor Jew, that is, people having only one or two grandparents born into the Jewish religious community. These “mixed-raced” individuals were known as Mischlinge. They enjoyed the same rights as “racial” Germans, but these rights

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638 words - 3 pages Nick DeBussey Just Work Hidden America In the book Hidden America Jeanne Marie Laskas goes around to jobs that most Americans sweep under the rug and shadow want they do and how the world treats them. The book looks into the life of coal miners one of the most hidden jobs in the world. The book goes from the mines all the way to being a cowboys cheerleader. Every single one of the jobs pick had what the author called a violent side to them but

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801 words - 4 pages Free Self-ConceptSelf-concept is basically how somebody perceives himself or herself. Self-concept is formed in many way, such as how somebody dresses, how they interact with other people, how they talk, basically everything a person does whether is be social or non-social forms their self-concept. Self-concept also goes deeper than that. Not just interacting can form self-concept but also how other people treat you and interact with you. If somebody

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941 words - 4 pages Throughout the novel "The Chrysalids", John Wyndham reveals what it is that encourages the people of Waknuk to act and behave as they do. Among many themes shown in the novel, the three prominent is: Intolerance, prejudice, and ignorance. Intolerance, by not being open to different ideas or for change, and that society should only one idea of what is right. Prejudice by discriminating who are different, for example, the people on the fringes

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548 words - 3 pages , Doncaster, Huddersfield, Leeds, and various other towns and counties in England. Numerous homes in Sheffield use a High Gain Free view Aerial because various parts of this area are known for poor reception. Some also opt for a satellite installation as they provide a much stronger reception, although, a High Gain aerial may also work fine. Aerials Sheffield has the expertise to install a 52 element High Gain aerial as well as

Life In Hole

588 words - 3 pages Free you've done to me. First piling on pounds, then purging them up with no success, and now, no matter how much a diet, you grow larger? What am I supposed to do to make up for what I've done wrong? Just tell me and I'll fix it; I'm good at that.Everybody else says that I'm hurting you. They say your getting skeletal. The girls in class are whispering about how much smaller your thighs are than they used to be. I have two problems with that; one

Bothersome Things In Life

1106 words - 5 pages guzzling companies. Slowly but surely, the gas prices are declining. Until gas prices are two dollars or less will American and driver's such as myself remain content with the price.With the many bothersomes in my life, these were but a few. It is in the nature of man, however, to find mistakes and faults. If this were not true, the world would be perfect. Until then, people will always find the tiniest matters to bother them. Although it may not seem

What Ralph Waldo Emerson would think about the quote "Books are only useful in helping us to solve the problems we are faced with in our journey through life"

260 words - 2 pages thereon; gave it the new arrangement of his own mind, and uttered it again". "The American Scholar". Books are written as the basis of future reference to events that take place in society. Whenever one reads a book, they are actually referring back to the perspective in which the writer saw the world and/or events that he or she encountered.Emerson also believed that books are crucial references to help solve problems in which one may be faced with in

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654 words - 3 pages came into the class with the most experience, confident that I would do the best in the class. I was expecting to be able to fly through all assignments and test with a minimal amount of effort. But, I soon learned that this class was not going to be as easy as I had predicted.My difficulties started with the very first assignment. We were given the simple task of installing a few drivers on the computers. I couldn't understand why Mr. Thoyre, the