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Process Essay
Civil Chief Engineer: My Dreams of becoming a Chief Engineer
I am a kinesthetic learner, so I always loved learning with my hands. Growing up my favorite toys were always Legos because I could use my vast creativity and imagination to build what I want. Ever since I was young I knew I would want to be involved with the expansion of my community, more specifically with being a Chief Engineer. When I met my girlfriend, her grandfather was a Chief Engineer and the main project of his career was the creation of the current border wall between Mexico and the southern states. Seeing her grandfather as a Chief Engineer reassured me of my goals and aspirations of becoming an engineer. A Chief Engineer overlooks projects, keeps the team on track for deadlines, develops project schedules and presents technical issues to non-technical audience. Which I have a wide latitude of independent judgment and self-perseverance to make sure a project gets done. In order for me to become an engineer and move up the ranks to Chief Engineer I need to take three major steps: I need to earn a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at a college with an Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) approved program. Pass my licensing exam, either the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) or Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE), with the help of the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) prep materials. Finally, I will need to start building my experience in the engineering industry, so I will apply for internships, during and after grad school, to help set the backbone for my career. Becoming a Chief Engineer does not happen overnight, it takes years and even decades of hard work. With my perseverance, experience, and vast knowledge of the industry, I will make it to Chief Engineer.
Chief Engineers have immense knowledge and abilities in engineering. They have to know everyone’s position to keep them in check and make sure the project goes according to plan. They are superb technicians in the civil engineering industry. In order for me to obtain such finesse in Civil Engineering. I need to acquire my bachelor’s degree to expand my knowledge and grasp fundamental concepts in engineering. I need to mold my skills to a high degree of excellence because Chief Engineers have to supervise the subordinate positions.
Before I procure my bachelor’s degree, I will start off at Estrella Mountain Community College on a science transfer. Over ...


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