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In the January 2002 issue of R.O.B. Magazine a study was issued which indicates the top 100 companies to work for in Canada. As indicated in the study each of these corporations offer a wide range of appealing benefits and advantages. For instance, Flight Centre Ltd., which is located in Toronto, holds monthly parties and travel discounts for all employees. Among these companies was also Procter & Gamble Inc. Like these other companies, Procter & Gamble offers prime benefits and utilizes several of the Organizational Behaviour concepts or theories. These are some of the reasons that it was ranked #34 in the field of 50.The manufacturing company of Procter & Gamble Incorporated is ...view middle of the document...

The regional sales offices are located in Halifax, Montreal and Calgary to cover from coast to coast. In Canada Procter & Gamble has 2716 employees; in Toronto alone they have 650 employees. Globally the company employ's an estimated 106,000 people. In 2001 Procter & Gamble made revenue that exceeded $37 billion globally, with Canada contributing 1.9 billion of that revenue.Many reasons can explain the cause of Procter & Gamble's success; some of these are expressing workforce diversity, values, job satisfaction, and motivating to accommodate individual differences. Procter & Gamble displays excellent workforce diversity by hiring a person not on the basis of background characteristics such as race, age, sex, culture or disability, rather by their dedication to the job. The company awards pay raises and bonuses not based entirely on past knowledge or seniority but on how the individual performs. This way of giving bonuses is logical because, one could have an employee work at a job for two months and get more work done than the employee who has been working their for twelve years, therefore the employee who performs better and gets their work completed should be awarded a raise or bonus. However, also being a loyal employee to the company should be rewarded with a raise. Procter & Gamble is perhaps the most well respected company, as it is renowned for its continuing monetary contributions to the underprivileged around the world. Because of the diversity evident in the workforce at Procter & Gamble, employees are granted 13 paid holidays, which are both personal and statutory in nature.As mentioned previously, also contributing to Procter & Gamble's success is their value system; referred to as core values, including P&G People, Leadership, Ownership, Integrity, Passion for Winning, and Trust. P&G People refers to the companies act on conviction that their employees both men and women will be their most important assets. Leadership refers to the company's clear vision of what is going to happen.With this they can produce strategies and obtain the capability to deliver them and eliminate organizational barriers. Ownership refers to the employers all acting as though they are owners and every decision is in the well being of the company for long-term, they also strive to help other improve their effectiveness. Integrity refers to being honest, doing the right thing and being straightforward with each other. Passion for Winning refers to the company having a realistic desire to improve and win in the business world. And lastly Trust, which refers to the notion of treating others the way we would like to be treated, also referring to having the confidence in fellow employees capabilities and intentions. Procter & Gamble's Core Values all work relative to one another and are a major contribution to the success of the company and making it one of the top fifty places employees enjoy working.This leads us to the...

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