Professional Leadership And Communication Task 1-bioreactions - WGU C820 - Essay

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Professional Leadership and Communications for Healthcare
Task 1 Bio-Reactions
Western Governors University
A. Freeze:
The bio-reaction I experienced in this story is Freeze.
I have always been terrified of flying and usually flew with my husband
who I could hold onto and squeeze when I became scared. Years ago I flew alone for
the first time to WA to surprise my mom for Mother’s Day.
I sat on the aisle seat next to two young guys who were friends. The flight
was going well and I was flipping through a magazine thinking to myself “I'm good, I got
this.” Suddenly turbulence hit ,the kind where it feels like the whole plane drops 50ft
down. I grabbed the thigh of the passenger in the seat next to me and squeezed. My
hand was frozen in place, my heart was beating a hundred miles a minute and my eyes
were wide and unblinking.
The turbulence stopped yet I continued to hold onto this strangers thigh.
His friend who was by the window handed me a vomit bag, I shook my head no. The
flight attendant came by and the men bought me a beer which I downed. The whole
time I am squeezing this man's thigh, I didn’t even realize what I was doing. After I
finished my beer I looked at him and said “Thank You” He smiled and said “No problem
but could you let go of my leg?” I looked down and only then did I realize what I was
doing. I was humiliated but in the end we all had a good laugh about it.
It is important to be aware of my bio-reactions in this case for a few
different reasons. One is being aware of others personal space and if I was aware of
my reaction I might not have held on for such a long time and with such a tight squeeze,
Another reason to be aware is it would have saved a lot of embarrassment for both of
us. I am still terrified of flying but I make sure I am more aware of my surroundings and
I handle my reactions better now.
B. Flight:
The bio-reaction I experienced in this story is Flight.
Years ago my husband and I lived in Spokane WA and we heard about a
place to park behind the airport where you can watch the planes land. We decided to
check it out. It was early in the evening, the sun hadn’t set yet but dusk was settling in.
I was driving and we found the spot which was a small dirt road with a turnout against a
link fence. I backed the car in and we faced the sky and waited for a plane. About 20
minutes later we see one coming in, it looked like it was heading right towards us. The
closer it got to us the louder it got and the more exciting it was. When the plane was
almost on top of us my husband screamed “Oh my god it’s to low, go, go, go, It's going
to hit us it’s to low!”
My reaction was flight, I had to get us out of there and get to safety. My
heart was racing, my hands were shaking as I tried to start the car and drive away. He
kept yelling “Go, Go” I screamed “I’m trying!” I fumbled and couldn’t seem to get the car
started for what felt like an eternity. Finally it started and I threw it into drive and drove

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