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A. Nursing Theory
Dorothea Dix’s work, which I would call as the pioneering theory and paradigm to treat the mentally ill, has inspired me all through my career because of its groundbreaking contribution to our national and global mental health practice and its robust relevance to today’s knowledge. Her work made essential observations as to how to properly treat persons with mental health disorders. She proposed separate care homes (state hospitals) for people with mental health conditions, argued with evidence that they could not be placed with non-mentally-ill persons, and strongly emphasized the role of authorities in the plan and process of care to people with mental disorders. Her research, its advanced propositions, and its findings are still relevant today. In addition, her insight for the training of the caregiving staff and her firm belief (against then distorted view) that the mentally sick can be cured are all groundbreaking work still followed to a great degree today. (Bumb, n.d.)
A1. Excellent Nursing Practices
The paradigm, discussed above, was an excellent effort to advance nursing practices and manifold in the centuries to come. The paradigm bound the health care industry to view mental illness from a positive perspective that these patients could be cured. It changed everything we do for the mentally ill: the system, the focus of care, and different training of nursing are just a few examples of what Dix helped to bring forth in the mental health field. Because of Dorothea Dix, it is practical to relate that today mental illness is treated from social, psychological, biological, and spiritual domains. Modern psychiatry has made tremendous strides given the contributions of such historical figures as Dorothea Dix have made. Thus, mental health as is known today finds inspiration and practical guidelines from Dorothea Dix (Unterrainer, Lewis, & Fink, 2014).
A2. Professional Practice Nursing Theory
Dorothea’s framework influences my professional practice in terms of my goals and values in many diverse ways. I always keep in view the fine sensitivities that Dix has highlighted while treating my patients. I aim at continuing to develop as a nurse leader in the mental health field, and strive to deliver the best quality of care to my patients by basing my efforts off the footprints Dix laid. The methods used in the mental health field in regard to medications and techniques fifteen years ago are no longer used today. This is because of the efforts of Dix; she paved the way to innovative thinking. As new technology advances, education advances and the scope of nursing expands, we (nurses) are able to continue to carry out the framework of shaping a proper mental health treatment system.
Furthermore, the positive view Dorothea lent us that guides me today is: Mental health is not a stigma but a disorder that, like...

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