Project Charter For SGX Singapore - S.p.jain School Of Global Management - Research Paper

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Global Immersion Project 3
Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX)
16 October 2018
Table of Contents
Introduction 1
Project scope 1
Roles and responsibilities 2
Approach 4
Protocols 5
Other information (provided by SGX) 5
1. Introduction
SP Jain School of Global Management (SPJ) engages in industrial interface projects (IIP) for its Masters of Business Administration (MBA) students in the final term (III) with organizations/ institutions. As part of the IIP, Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX) has associated with SPJ and its students to conduct a solution based white paper research on implementation of technological innovation in the physical delivery and settlement process of commodities such as Iron ore, Oil & Gas, etc. to improve and enhance the efficiency, speed, trust and authenticity in the existing chain of provenance.
Further, this research paper seeks to simplify the existing tedious paper-intensive procedures along with enhancing the current process of trade disputes and arbitration in the case of rubber through technological innovation.
The research conducted will be aligned to the aspirations of ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint Vision 2020 and Blueprint 2025. This document may be updated throughout the project to reflect knowledge obtained or required amendments to scope and objectives.
2. Project scope
This project is focused towards suggesting the introduction/ implementation of technology innovation (a) in the existing chain of provenance (seller/ exporter to buyer/ importer) for the physical delivery process of commodities (such as Iron Ore, Oil & Gas, etc.) and (b) in the dispute settlement process for Rubber trade.
A. Identify and highlight the pain points in the delivery of physical commodities and deep dive into the chain of provenance. Identify the different shipping process documents relating to oil & gas and iron ore from the exporter, through the loading port to the port of entry till the importer. Then, recommendations will be made as to how this lengthy and tedious-paper bound process can be mitigated by the implementation of technology.
B. Identify and highlight the pain points in the current trade dispute and arbitration process. Suggest implementation of blockchain system to improve efficiency and reduce time by digitalizing the documentation involved in the dispute settlement process.
3. Roles and responsibilities
The following table defines the roles and responsibilities associated with the project:
SP Jain School of Global Management
Academic Mentor – Global Finance
Dr. Nawazish Mirza

Set strategy and direction Review the final reports

Review project quality & provide guidance to the core execution team

Help in resolution of project issues
Academic Mentor – Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Dr. Rajiv Aserkar

Review the final reports
Provide insights to enable smooth functioning Help in resolution...

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