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To start off, this Final Major Project had no starting point menaing that we were allowed to do pretty much anything we wanted. I decided to start off with the theme of 'fear and trauma'. As the project went on, I decided to scrap the trauma part, as it wasn't linking into my project at all, so it became just a project about fears. I think at the beginning the subject was a little bit limiting, purely because of the fact that I have never done something like this before, however once I got going and did my research, I felt quite happy that it wasn't limiting me anymore because I was constantly getting inspired by the research I had done. I think I gave myself enough of a focus area to draw inspiration and ideas from, I didnt limit myself to what I researched and was inspired by.
During this project and the past two years overall, I have learnt so much through all my research and practical work, I have evolved and grown in my practical work. I got the chance to learn about different materials, techniques and processes, how to used the darkroom, I never used a studio before this course so that is one thing that I am grateful I got the opportunity to work in because now at least I have some sort of experience. I learnt how to research, use image analysis, and hot to reflect and evaluate my work using the GIBBS reflective system which has proven to be very helpful. After two years, I have learnt how to use multiple cameras such as large format, digital and film.
In this project, I have been inspired by multiple people, and based my shoots of their work. At the beginning of this project, I conducted a survey where people could anonymously submit and write about their biggest fears, and that is what my whole project is about. The shoots and practical work that I have done throughout this project have been based on the fears that people h...


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1100 words - 5 pages Chair Design Reflection Matrix  Chairs at Reynolda (Jacobean, William and Mary, or other-- choose at least one style.) 18th- Century French Seat Design (Choose at least one style.) Shakers Chairs Bauhaus Chairs What materials were used in this chair ? Jacobean-style chairs used oak and pine also some other woods. Rococo chairs were used in different uses ranging from wood to steel. Shaker chairs were mainly wooden and had animal skins for the

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893 words - 4 pages the original photos. I simply magnified parts of the image online and out them on top of the face to highlight details like freckles and a scar above his eye. I think my interest in this segment of my project stems from my love of the little imperfections and details on a person or an object that make them who they are and hold a story or memory. I magnified both my brother’s eyes but one from above the eye and one from below so you are getting

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1525 words - 7 pages birthplace: Kenema, Sierra Leone Fathers birthplace: Kono, Sierra Leone Maternal grandparents birthplaces: Grandmother cityprovincecountry: Bo, Sierra Leone Paternal grandparents birthplaces: Grandmother cityprovincecountry_2: Bonthe, Sierra Leone Essay: Dancing is an art that is deeply woven into the social fabric of the African culture. It is a form of expression for many types of emotions whether cheerful or mournful. It is also showcased at most

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506 words - 3 pages . These are the variables for this experiment:Independent Variable: vertical height of the ball drop (measured from the surface of the sandto the bottom of the marble).Dependent Variable: the horizontal diameter of the crater.Control Variables: Size and mass of the marble; same release point above the sand; sameamount of sand in the box.I'm going to use a square sand box that is about 50 cm2. I'll attach a meter ruler to a ringstand and I'll make


835 words - 4 pages for the dwelling. Tuck-shop and Food Kitchen Layouts Contains lots of industrial kitchen appliances and is much more spacious than the actual tuck-sop will be due to money constraints. This kitchen floorplan is almost accurate and will be similar to the actual design. EVALUATION Selecting a final design: Criteria Specifications D1 D2 D3 Rating Scale (1-5) 1 2 3 Room Sizes Room sizes are big and spacious. Room sizes are just right. Kitchen is

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2449 words - 10 pages the perception of support for creativity and innovation with knowledge worker’s increased creativity. In such a climate, employees are at ease when taking risks and challenging the status quo as is the case in Market and Adhocracy OCs (Ahmed, PK, 1998). IDEO, a global design and consulting firm founded in 1991, practice a self-proclaimed (2014) ‘human-centred design’ and ‘creative approach to problem solving’ consistent with an Adhocracy OC

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1131 words - 5 pages individuals feeling safer in their communities and an improvement in the quality of life (Virginia, 4). According to the article, “Crime Prevention through Environmental Design: General Guidelines for Designing Safer Communities”, the CPTED approach is based on four key elements: natural surveillance, natural access control, territorial reinforcement and maintenance (Virginia, 8). Essentially, these four concepts refer to the idea that by manipulating


958 words - 4 pages cost functions, and used them to set goals for the cost centers. If these goals were not accomplished, the cost accountants analyzed the differences between target and actual performance and helped the process owner find ways to achieve the goals in the future. This method of cost accounting led to a high degree of theoretical exactness and complexity and allowed German companies to efficiently price their goods. In accounting theory, the principal

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2115 words - 9 pages think (Dembo & Seli, 2016). For this project, I tried to find solutions for both test preparation and the regulation of emotions to help with my overall test anxiety and what I found were a wide display of different solutions, but I chose to focus on three of them in hopes that I would see results within three weeks. The three solutions that I chose were: Johnson 2017 1. Developing my test taking skills which also included learning more about


462 words - 2 pages Nguyen 1 Nguyen 3 Mickey Nguyen James Goebel 1301-40107 10 September, 2018 Reflective Essay: Dale Chihuly: Glassman Dale Chihuly was widely known for his masterpieces and his satisfying glassworks. His art work displayed vibrant colors, exotic, odd shapes. He lived a memorable and outlandish lifestyle. He was remembered for having such a character, he displayed himself different from anyone else. Chihuly displayed creative glasswork that

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439 words - 2 pages CRISTO KOLATHU 06/17/2018 ART 103 002 The Goddess Sekhmet The work I’m choosing from my Museum visit is ‘The Goddess Sekhmet’ and the work I’m comparing it to is the ‘Lamassu’ Guardian figures at the gate of Citadel of Sargon II from the text book. Both of these works are considered guardian figures but the Lamassu is considered more of a guardian figure than Sekhmet because of the location and what it represents. It represents as a welcoming

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1062 words - 5 pages inescapable to the common eye. This regularity results in associations between color and situations or objects. The human eye may see the color red and become nervous or antsy due to an association with a memory of a siren, a stop sign, or blood. Simultaneously another person may associate the color red with a memory of a family member with red hair, a fireplace, or a favorite toy from their childhood. In the world of design, it is an artists job

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1773 words - 8 pages Connie Qu Mrs Harman, Year 10 Art I and the Village by Marc Chagall And Zebra Head 11 Tyre Sculpture by Yong Ho ji I and the Village Mark Chagall, 1911 Oil on canvas; 192.1 cm × 151.4 cm I and the Village, is a cubist oil on canvas painted by Russian-French artist, Marc Chagall. The painting measures 192.1 cm × 151.4 cm in size and it is currently displayed in the Museum of Modern Art, New York City. The painting shows a sheep in the top

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501 words - 3 pages Risk Management Report Name: Zeyu Wei Uid:114998828 Topic: Release Risk and Optimization of Railroad Tank Car Safety Design Authors: Mohd Rapik Saat and Christopher P.L. Barkan Journal:Transportation Research Record 2014 1.What is the risk that is being mitigated? Describe the specific chain of events that would lead to undesirable consequences. The release of hazardous materials caused by railroad accidents is the risk that is being mitigated

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1415 words - 6 pages forms of art. The similarities I researched and analyzed are what is most intriguing to me. I chose to compare and contrast these two media types because they seemed nothing but different to me in every way. So, it was a memorable research project, mostly because I found an array of similarities between drawing and sculpting that I didn’t expect to find. In the end, art is used mostly as an expression of passion and emotion. So, regardless of the