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Project Final Report
Project # 410-499
Project Name: MSC Network Upgrade and Room 111 Cabling Upgrade
Description: Deployment of a domain controller for the student network, and implementation of the network hardware installed in room 111 to enhance a professional data cabling infrastructure.
Project Sponsors: Tim Peterson, IT and Systems Administrator
Leonard Gonzalez, IT Department
Author(s): Giann Arroyo, Project: Manager
Jason Carter, Project: Team Leader
Rene Castro, Project: Technical Writer
Nancy Beltran, Project Coordinator
Betsy Pena, Project Coordinator Assistant
Kerry Oldridge, Project: Marketing
Alexander Gutierrez, Project: Budgeting
Mike Ho, Project Network Engineer
Jared Ivory, Project Network Engineer
Date: September 20, 2018
Project Successes
Name Description
Creating a Centralized Domain This will provide DHCP, Print Services, as well as centralizing applications, policies, and authentication
Room 111 Cabling This will provide at least one cat6 port per table for the lab network
Unexpected Events
a. Third party DHCP Installation delay
b. Metal in-wall plates
c. Conduit space
d. Underpriced Budget
a. Scope extended by two weeks
b. Inability to drop cat6 cabling alongside in-wall plates
c. Inability to run two cat6 cables through existing conduit
d. Local taxes and shipping were not taken in account
Actions Taken
a. Delayed start due to delayed approval
b. Ran cables on existing tubes
c. Ran one cat6 cable through conduit
d. Previous purchases from the vendors allowed for a discount to be given
Lessons Learned
1. Third party constraint delay
2. Metal plate on walls constraint
3. Conduit space
4. Underpriced budget
1. Project future time constraints with third-part vendors
2. Prepared for an option for separate in-wall plating for network drops
3. Planned alternative drop paths if necessary
4. Planned the budget with at least 25% of contingency
Project Performance
On Schedule
Deployment of Domain Controller
Planned Finish Date: 07-06-18 Actual Finish Date: 09-20-18
On Schedule Ahead of Schedule Behind Schedule
Implementation of the Network Hardware Installed in Room 111
Planned Finish Date: 09-20-18 Actual Finish Date: 09-20-18
On Schedule Ahead of Schedule Behind Schedule
Variance (in days):
On Budget
Approved Budget: $364 Spent Budget: $304.93
On Budget Under Budget Over Budget
Variance (in $): $59.07
Meeting Customer Expectations
Success Criteria
Provided a server with a fully functional domain controller role
Installed network cabling for lab in room 111
a) Assessing Server
Name of the person completing the task: Jason Carter
Date: Completed 05-30-18
Task Procedure:
˗ Checked current host name.
˗ Checked hard drive(s), total and free space.
˗ Accessed Server Manager: checked for any existing installed Roles or
˗ Checked for Windows Updates.
˗ Ran Windows Updates
˗ Rebooted multiple times to confirm ...


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