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Project Management Essay

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Project Management - PROJEK-H
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30 April 2008

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Question 1.1
Paper Framework


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Question 1.2
System's viewpoint of management;
Classical viewpoint of management;
Behavioural viewpoint of management;
Distinguishing the system's viewpoint from the classical and behavioural viewpoints.


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Question 1.3
The definition and goals of a project;
The need for and principal components of project management;
The characteristics of projects and project management;
The application criteria and different forms of project management;
The different project environments where project management may be applied; ...view middle of the document...

STARTTopic one : Project management dynamics (study units 1 and 2) covers the following:an introduction to project management (breaking new ground);underpins the most important concepts;highlights the vibrant nature of project management;clarifies the necessity for and the reasoning behind project management;provides the foundations and building blocks for project management [the approach and goals of project management (PROJEK-H Study guide 2005:IX)Topic two Philosophy and concepts (study units 3 and 4) covers the following:defines project management;familiarizes us with the system concepts that form the foundations of project management.Topic three, Systems development cycle, (Study units 5 and 6) covers the following:the life cycle of systems development (along the logical lines of human conception, gestation, birth, life, life planning, problem solving, formulation of solutions, working interactions and tangible results from efforts, and then ultimately death)Topic four, Systems and procedures for project planning, (study units 7, 8, 9 and 10) covers the following:pre-requisites of project management (planning, project scheduling, cost estimating and budgeting and risk management in projects).Topic five, Systems and procedures for project control (Study units 11, 12 and 13) covers the following:the methods that ensure that a project keeps moving forward towards its required goals (work regulation, monitoring the plan, guiding the project forward, internal and external controls, problem solving and crisis management);how to and the necessity for managing information systems (collecting, organising, storing, processing and disseminating the information) (Nicholas 2001:384);approaching the completion of a project, ensuring that all the different paths of the project lines lead to the same goal, finalising the "loose ends" (Nicholas 2001:413)Topic six, The human factor in projects, organisation behaviour, project success and project failure, (Study units 14, 15, 16 and 17) covers the following:defines the project management structure and explains the incorporation thereof;defines the reasoning behind and the necessity for allocating roles, responsibilities/accountability and identifying the authority figures;methods of dealing with the behavioral aspects among a project team (human aspects, how to approach stress, participative management, motivation, teamwork, problem solving and conflict/crises management);identifying reasons for project failure, identifying the criteria for project success, performance analysis, and behaviour changes (i.e. lessons learned).ENDQuestion 1.2Before a project manager can take a certain action, he or she must first understand the system and its relationship with the environment. Describe the system's viewpoint of management and distinguish this viewpoint from the classical and behavioural viewpoints.System's viewpoint of managementThe system's view of management is based on Ludwig von Bertalanffy's (a theoretical...

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