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1.0 Introduction A team of Electronic Commerce consultants has been invited to assess, design and build a small intranet application for Superior Builders Merchants (SBM) for part of its business operation.1.1 General Description of Project Superior Builders Merchants (SBM) is small private merchandising company selling building materials to the construction industry. With its increasing sales and inventory, the management of SBM would like to keep track and record of what are the saleable products and not saleable products. In addition, to improve their collection of debts from their customers, SBM would also like to monitor their customers by looking at how often they patronized SBM, w ...view middle of the document...

4.2 Database Designer · To collect data from client and analyse it · To create and design database · To implement and maintain the database · Implement user manual 1.4.3 Documentation Manager · To compile and record of all materials or resources that we used · Writing all agendas, journals, final report · Implement user manual 1.4.4 Presentation Co-ordinator · Creating Data Flow Diagrams (DFDs) and Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) · Consolidating and preparing of final materials for presentation · Designing and creating of web page using Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage 2.0 Detailed Analysis 2.1 SWOT Analysis of SBM StrengthsEstablishedWide selection of productsStrong customer baseExtensive distribution network WeaknessesManual operation leads to more human errors and slow in operationsInflexible rulesLow customer goodwillPoor inventory control OpportunitiesAdopting Electronic BusinessReduce repetition of works/data flowsEliminate redundancy in data flowsImprove work efficiency and productivityImprove customer service and goodwillSetting of flexible rules ThreatsIf not adopting Electronic BusinessPhase out by competitionPossible acquisition, merging by competitorsOver reliant on manufacturers 3.0 Project Phases and Time Schedule 3.1 Flowchart This flowchart describes the different phases of the project and their schedules. The schedule, main tasks and documents produced of the phases will be described in more detail in each phase below.The project starts on 12-3-2001 and ends on 27-4-2001.This project is divided into 6 phases: 3.2 Gantt Chart This chart is to show a graphical presentation of the project that shows each phase as a horizontal bar whose length is proportional to its time for completion. Microsoft Project software will be used to create the chart.Task Name Week 519/3-25/3 Week 626/3-1/4 Week 72/4-8/4 Week 89/4-15/4 Week 916/4-22/4 Week 1023/4-29/4 Project Planning Phase Study & Analysis Phase Database Development Phase Screen Designing Phase Documentation Phase Demonstration Phase 3.3 Project Planning Phase Project planning phase is normally informal, and does not require a lot of resources.Duration of this phase: 19th March 2001 - 30th March 2001.Practical things will be handled at this phase: · Agreement on regular meetings times with and without the customer · Agreement on working methods · Agreement on working tools · Determining roles for the members of the group At the end of this phase, the following deliverable(s) will be submitted for review and approval: · Project Management Plan (PMP) This document includes information about the phases of the project, schedule, and general arrangements of the project.3.4 Study & Analysis Phase Study & Analysis Phase studies and analyzed the requirements of Superior Builders Merchants (SBM). The purpose of this phase is to define the software implemented during ...


Communication Plan, Monitors And Controls

1860 words - 8 pages ) takes satisfaction in the tactical and strategic plans generated for a local candy store offered in Silver Spring, MD. In order for Little Fun Size Candy Shop (LFSCS) to succeed, management has developed an effective communication plan that will assist in solving issues efficiently and fast. Little Fun Size Candy Shop (LFSCS) has come up with tactics and strategies to meet company objectives. The company plans to have management meet weekly for

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5084 words - 21 pages the work required.Figure X: Initiating Process RelationshipsPlanning Processes - the goal of the processes is to develop a formal, approved project plan used to guide both project execution and control. The planning processes can be divided to core processes and facilitating processes (see figure X).o Scope planning (Scope) - developing a written scope statement as the basis for future project decisions.o Scope definition (Scope) - subdividing the

GenRays Human Resources Information System - Project management

2389 words - 10 pages make the entire system functional at year-end. Objective To develop a new plan for the human resource department To implement the new project plan before the year ends To make the plan centralized for human resource of GenRays To launch the plan in the new year To lessen the budget of the company Success Criteria or Expected Benefits: centralized human resource management can help the company in

Prioritizing The IT Project Portfolio Paper

463 words - 2 pages Prioritizing the IT Project Portfolio PaperVicky DuganCMGT/57309/22/2014Dion Rettberg Running head: Prioritizing the IT Project Portfolio Paper 1 3 Lila's Web design is a fairly new business. Lila has about 45 employees, and is in the middle of interviewing for an IT project manager. The Information Technology (IT) project will play an important role in Lila's business. The new IT project manager will be looking into getting the Project

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2285 words - 10 pages manager of ACBL. ACBL being the major investor and a larger organization with the design and build expertise nominated one of the senior project managers to lead the project with complete autonomy to plan and execute the project by forming the project team and lay down the governance structure to achieve the desired results for project success. Figure 1 Organization structure of ACBL ACBL is a large scale construction company with specialization in

Scope Statement Detail - MGMT 6055 - Module 9

1138 words - 5 pages Team Member A Project Manager Other Team Members Execute the project activities 6.3. Project Resources Name Role Project Sponsor Defines the requirements and objectives of the project Project Manager Organize the team and plan work in accordance to meet the project requirement criteria Project Team Members Execute the defined activities in the project meeting the requirements and quality for the project Sculpture Artists Design the

Managing Operations Change

2592 words - 11 pages Free was cost effective is the v6 program. This software covers every aspect of the sales process from estimation/quotation to sales to ordering of materials/manufacture and finally invoicing. With this comes a customer focused consultant who comes in and learns about every aspect of the business so the software can be tailor-made for Hanlon Windows to become effective and efficient.Wide area network: An intranet network to have instantaneous

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807 words - 4 pages Project planning Project planning is part of project management, which relates to the use of schedules such as Gantt charts to plan and subsequently report progress within the project environment. Initially, the project scope is defined and the appropriate methods for completing the project are determined. Following this step, the durations for the various tasks necessary to complete the work are listed and grouped into a work breakdown

IT 511 Unit 5 Conflict Resolution - IT 511 Purdue University - Essay

717 words - 3 pages project. Bob takes her viewpoints on the schedule of the project into consideration and allows for an extension. He isn’t necessarily happy with the new plan but he will follow through with it nevertheless. Both are committed to the project now but it isn’t getting done as quickly as he would have liked. Final Suggestion After analyzing all the modes of conflict resolution the best solution for this particular problem would be confrontation. Both the

Wal-Mart Automated Training And Assessment System

4205 words - 17 pages feedback will be valuable in determining the relevance and value of the information included in the modules and the overall viability of the system as a training tool.Though new equipment will be purchased and installed at the store level for new employees to use for training, the majority of the rest of the infrastructure for the project is already in place. Wal-Mart currently has a fully functional and detailed intranet capable handling the

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1238 words - 5 pages Free subcommittee for the AYM camp with their team leader and all the team leaders will form AYM Year End Camp Executive Committee: 1. Project Leaders: Ps A. Moonsamy and Ps B. McKenzie 2. Program Committee: Ps HBS Ngwira 3. Finance Committee: Sr Portia Ndinisa 4. Administration Committee: Sr Nunu Hlongwane 5. Safety and Security: Ps S. Ntuli 6. Catering Committee: Sr T. Ntombela 7. Decoration Committee: Sr D. Masinga 8. First Aid Committee: Dr T. Molutsoane 9

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1521 words - 7 pages management is to predict the demand precisely, plan the work comprehensively and allocate the resources appropriately. As huge amount of fund and time are invested, a successful management is extremely crucial to the aviation project. To judge the success of project management, the widely recognized standard is triple constraint or iron triangle, which means assessing a project by cost, time and performance. In addition, a product success doesn’t equal to

Project Management

3574 words - 15 pages and risk management in projects).Topic five, Systems and procedures for project control (Study units 11, 12 and 13) covers the following:the methods that ensure that a project keeps moving forward towards its required goals (work regulation, monitoring the plan, guiding the project forward, internal and external controls, problem solving and crisis management);how to and the necessity for managing information systems (collecting, organising

Incentive Plans

857 words - 4 pages attributes for each incentive plan. A company must weigh the trade-offs and do what is best to motivate their employees.References:Healthways (2006) About Us retrieved August 5, 2006, from [Intranet]Kohn, Alfie, (1993, October). For Best Results, Forget the Bonus, New York Times, October 17, 1993, retrieved August 5, 2006, from, R., Hollenbeck, J.R., Gerhart, B., & Wright, P.M. Fundamentals of Human Resource Management. (2004). New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.Received: On TimeWord Count: 683Good paper. It relates incentives directly to Healthways and their incentive plans.Points: 9.9/10

Automation And Collaboration Software At ImageStream

1161 words - 5 pages software, ImageStream uses the Internet and its intranet to communicate via e-mail with its customers, distributors and vendors in over 75 countries. The messages span the range of topics from small follow-up messages to extremely large design drawings, network diagrams or other file attachments. With the advent of e-mail-to-fax gateways, ImageStream also uses the Internet and its intranet to communicate via fax for legal agreements and other