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English 315: Professional & Technical Writing
Syringe Exchange Program 1 September 14, 2018
TO: Michael, Reva, ENGL 315 Students
FROM: Ashley Mackovic, ENGL 315 Student
DATE: September 14, 2018
SUBJECT: Syringe Exchange Program
This memorandum is a review on the Syringe Exchange Program. I am going to recommend this to my community of Minot, North Dakota. This memorandum gives structure to how my formal report will be organized.
Topic Overview
Topic Description: Drug abuse is among the community of Minot. My concern is for those who use needles for this addiction. They share needles among other drug abusers which is dangerous. Sharing needles with other people causes the risk of getting bloodborne pathogens. That cause diseases such as, hepatitis, and HIV. This program sets up locations were clean needles are provided for free. Additionally, there will be nurses to provide resources to the drug abusers. Directing them to addiction services to help them recover.
Report Type: I will be writing a recommendation report. I decided to do a recommendation report to promote more information on this program. This program is not widely known but has benefits. I want to cover these benefits in my report. Persuading my audience to implement this program.
Your Audience: I will be writing this report to the executive officer Lisa Clute. She works in Minot at the First District Health Unit. First District treats many patients but, they also provide programs to advocate health. I chose Lisa because she has the education to understand this program. Additionally, appending how this program can work in Minot.
My Job Position: My job is a nurse at the First District Health Unit. Part of my job includes the concerns for community health. Therefore, I believe the Syringe Exchange Program will aid in keeping Minot healthy.
Report and Reflection on Scholarly Research
Key Words-
• Safe Consumption Sites
• Public Support
• Safe Injection Site
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Results: Comment by Allan Ngulube: Make it Bold Comment by Allan Ngulube:
McGinty, E. E., Barry, C. L., Stone, E. M., Niederdeppe, J., Kennedy-Hendricks, A., Linden, S., & Sherman, S. G. (2018). Public support for safe consumption sites and syringe services programs to combat the opioid epidemic. Preventive Medicine, 11173-77. doi:10.1016/j.ypmed.2018.02.026
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