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Propose Two Strategies Australia Can Adopt To Address The Challenge Of Reconciliation In The Future

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Although Australia is responding positively to the challenge of reconciliation, there is still more that we can do. Many conferences and meetings have taken place but we need to take action. Our current approach at reconciliation is ‘practical’ and focuses on improving education, living standards and employment of the Indigenous rather than acknowledging their cultural identity. However this approach doesn’t address the social and cultural damage that has occurred as a result of events like dispossession and the Stolen Generation.
A strategy that Australia can adopt to address the challenge of reconciliation, is to acknowledge the ‘inherent right of self-government’ of Indigenous people. ...view middle of the document...

7 billion. This money is used to pay their costs and taxes to the government, and also funds schools, hospitals, roads and services. Another suggestion could be to create a new indigenous territory, similar to that of the Nunavut in Canada.
Another strategy that would be suitable for consideration addressing the challenge of reconciliation, is to integrate the White Australian culture with the Aboriginal Australian culture. Students should be taught the Aboriginal culture at school. This could include teaching of different tribal languages, dances and artwork, as well as Aboriginal history. This strategy has been used in New Zealand, with Maori being taught from pre-school until secondary years. It helps to bridge understanding between the Indigenous people and the more recent settlers.
BibliographyWebsitesAntar Indian Current Status treaty of Waitangi Regret but no apology for aborigines Sorry Day Report of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation into the Progress Towards National Reconciliation – Submission from the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council (NATSIC)

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