Pros And Cons Of Using Alternative Medicine For Mental Disorders Psychopharmacology Essay

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Running head: CONCEPT PAPER 1
People who suffer from psychological disorders are often prescribed psychotropic drugs to calm or eliminate their symptoms. The relief, however, does not come without a price. Many patients complain of experiencing uncomfortable changes such as nausea, abnormal appetites, restlessness, and physical discomforts like feeling jittery and wanting to crawl out of their skin (Hoenders, Bartels-Velthuis, Vollbehr, Bruggeman, Knegtering, 2018). Others express concerns about the adverse effects of taking medicine long-term such as struggling to cope while waiting on prescriptions to be refilled because they have become chemically dependent and cannot function properly without it (Hoenders,, 2018). This displeasure with conventional medicine has made alternative treatments a growing interest among patients and therapists (Gureje, ONortje, Makanjuola, Oladeji, Seedat, & Jenkins, 2015). Patients are motivated to try non-addictive, natural supplements that are easier to access. Therapists and physicians are willing to learn about holistic methods that are less intimidating to their patients to help patients better commit to treatment and development. Therapists should proceed with caution and be well-versed in the pros and cons of using alternative medicines because they too, can have negative side effects.
Concept Paper: Reason to Support and Oppose Use of Alternative Medicine
The idea of using complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is thriving in the medical industry (Swan, Skarsten, Heesacker, & Chambers, 2015). More people are researching homeopathic methods like acupuncture to alleviate arthritis pain and using herbs such as gingko balboa to aid with memory retention (Collingwood, 2016). The same trend exists in the mental health field as people seek alternative supplements to combat symptoms of psychosis. The use of CAM does not come without resistance. Many clinicians and patients would rather trust regular prescription drugs that have undergone the research and monitoring that precedes approval from the Food and Drug Administration (Swan, et. al, 2015).
Reasons to Support Using Alternative Medicine for Psychological Disorders
It is a well-known fact that proper diet and exercise works to improve overall health. It is not common knowledge, however, that the lack of certain nutrients in our diets may contribute to the development of mental disorders (Kemper, Gardiner, & Birdee, 2013). A recent study identified significant deficiencies in essential vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids among individuals with mental disorders (Collingwood, 2016). Proponents of natural and alternative supplements would suggest replenishing the lacking nutrients to alleviate psychotic symptoms. St. John’s Wort, for example, contains amino acids that increase serotonin levels, ultimately reducing symptoms of depression (Solomon, & Adams, 2015).
Therapists are not alone in their interests...


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