Pros Vs Cons Of Doctor Assisted Suicide Senior Ib Class Debate

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My partner and I believe that doctor assisted suicide should be legalized throughout the United States. It is already legal in 5 states and will become legal in Hawaii in January of 2019. Doctor assisted suicide would not be available to just anyone having a bad day, but for terminally ill patients who will die within 6 months. The model presented in Oregon, where the death with dignity act was first passed in 1997, would be followed, where the patient has to first be eligible, and then go through a set process that includes ample time to consider if this method is what they truly want. This allows terminally ill patients to prepare their family as well as themselves for their death, setting a date and planning it, which allows everyone to be present, as opposed to any uncertain day. The continual suffering of the patient when there is no cure or means of prolonging life is cruel, not only to the patient suffering through the affliction, but to the family who has to watch them suffer in pain. The patient should not have to prolong their suffering and potentially dig their family into debt with the cost of hospital bills because the government wants to impose its conception of morality on individuals who are not harming others. Pet owners are allowed to euthanize animals when their health is deteriorating, so why can’t we make the decision when it comes to ourselves? Physician assisted suicide provides a safe, regulated option, making the process painless and allowing everyone in the patients life to be aware of their death and prepare appropriately. Figures disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act show that just over seven per cent of suicides over the past five years involved people with a terminal illness in England, where doctor assisted suicide is not legal. If the pattern was applied across the country it would suggest that 332 suicides in England a year involve terminally ill people ending their life. Terminally ill people are taking their own lives, in secret and without support, left to their own devices, which is dangerous and more traumatizing for everyone involved. Our opponents will tell you that doctor assisted suicide is a slippery slope and lead to suicide becoming acceptable, however this is not true, as it is an option for patients who will die soon. Patients should be allowed to die with dignity, and not forced to suffer pointlessly.
1.Why wouldn’t it be acceptable for someone to choose their own fate?
2.Do you think people should suffer through a painful diagnosis?
3. Don’t you agree that it is better to provide a safe and sure option rather than leaving desperate people to their own devices? Why?
4. To what extent should the patient’s family’s emotions determine how they live their life?
5. Oregon and other states have established the Death with Dignity Act. Do you find any flaws in the procedures and statutes that have been put in place by this law?
6. If multiple certified physician and ...


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