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Damien Washington
April 28, 2019
An Ode to Calypso
Stranded. Floating. Clinging onto the last piece of wood left from your puny, little sail boat. The ocean cradles you like a mother cradles her new-born child, you latching onto her supple breast for sustenance and protection. However, the calm waves are not here to nurture you, as the tempestuous nature of the sea draws closer and closer along from the horizon. The waves must find a suitable abode to place you on, where man’s feet may feel dirt and ground beneath its heels. While the storm brews towards the east, along the west sits an inverse oasis of fertile plants and magnificent trees, with an enchanting fragrance pulling you to its location. The moon pushes and pulls the tides to the edge of the island, laying you along the coast of the sandy dunes. Your future cannot be seen, and danger still awaits, but for the moment being, time halts and grants you the chance to brief saltless air and press your body against Mother Earth. As you give thanks to the unknown forces that save, your ears perk to marvelous singing: singing so divine and moving that the angels peak from beyond the sacred shroud of darkness to listen, their halos twinkling in delight. Your eyes believe it is an illusion they see, as no woman as beautiful as her could be a product reality. The way her auburn hair blows moves you; the smile on her mauve lips ignite the pit of passion in your soul. You know not who she is, but you could not afford to muster up a care, for your heart jumps with joys that she is your savior. Splendid is life with her. You live the meaning of paradise every time she...


The Importance of Marketing and Customer Value, in reference to T2 - Monash University - Essay

1702 words - 7 pages Free Introduction For the majority of marketers across the globe, customer value is pivotal to whether or not they will achieve their company’s promotional objectives. It is important to address both the needs and wants of the consumer, whether it be “functional”, “symbolic”, “experiential” or “cost focused” (Smith & Colgate, 2007) . Many businesses nowadays attend to these factors by marketing themselves in a unique way, in order to engage with

Stoic nature of Odysseus the great from the odyssey - English - Essay

1737 words - 7 pages everything around us functioned by a cause and effect web resulting in a rational structure of the universe. This resulted in the creation of logos. We cant control the things around us, we can only control how we approach these things. For instance, Emily Wilson, in her translation of “The Odyssey”, begins her narration as : “Tell me about a complicated man.
 Muse, tell me how he wandered and was lost
 when he had wrecked the holy town of Troy

Should Condoms be Distributed in Schools? This essay makes reference to 'The Gleaner' which is a Jamaican Periodical,therefore probably suited best for a Jamaican student

358 words - 2 pages getting A.I.D.S is increasing and for most, sex is experienced for the first time at an early age. Most teenagers do not take adequate precautions, thus they are risking unplanned pregnancies and also increasing the potential of contracting A.I.D.S, and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (S.T.D.'s).Some people may also think that carrying out the decision of distributing condoms may change the minds of levelheaded, intelligent students. However, this

Love & War: The Odyssey vs The Ramayana - Comparative Literature - Essay

1406 words - 6 pages Free Rhiannon McCarthy Comparative Literature 358 Second Essay Assignment Word Count: 1392 LOVE & WAR The Odyssey vs. The Ramayana Love is a powerful human emotion as it is able to transcend both time and culture. It is apparent, then, why love is often a theme in literary works including The Odyssey and The Ramayana. Despite having thousands of miles separating the two stories geographically, The Odyssey and The Ramayana have a lot in common. The

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1182 words - 5 pages Danlizelle van Heerden Student number: 53789199 Assignment 2- ENG2602 Unique number: 856150 QUESTION 2 : PROSE I suggest that there is a very clear racial prejudice amongst the characters in this passage and that their morality of rasicm also comes into play when decisions that may count againt them comes into play, the times are also clearly not the same as things are now. The words “Negroes” and “niggers” in the passage given tells us that

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1156 words - 5 pages . Millions of years have passed before the audience eyes as one frame cuts to another. This leads the viewer to think that the bone resembles a space craft as a tool for humanity. Technology started with a single swing of a hammer and has lead mankind to space travel and super computers that is introduced in the next act of the film. In the third act of 2001: A space Odyssey, the audience is introduced to a small crew onboard a ship called discovery. The

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575 words - 3 pages Telemachia Essay Sarah Glenn October 24, 2018 One must take a journey in order to reach an ultimate destination. Odysseus, a warrior lost at sea, must return home after fighting in the Trojan War for 20 years to his son, wife, and home in Ithaca. The maturation of Telemachus was a result of the journey he took in search of his father, Odysseus, in Homer’s epic poem ​The Odyssey​. Before learning more about his father, Telemachus must find his

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606 words - 3 pages English Department Literary Character Roundtable Grades 9 and 10 A Block December 19, 2018 Groups of 7 characters will have about 30 minutes for their roundtable discussion. Within each 30 minute session each character will introduce self (1-2 minutes), and then the moderator will ask a series of questions of the group. Each student must respond (in character) to each of the questions, ideally commenting upon what they have heard from others as

This Is An Essay On The Woman In The Odyssey And Their Influences On His Travels

993 words - 4 pages , intelligence, and beauty. Some of the women of The Odyssey influenced the actions of men, playing key roles in the epics, such as Calypso, the Sirens, Helen, or Circe; all of these women were responsible for the actions of the men.In The Odyssey, the females who direct or influence the actions of men are Athena, Circe, Calypso, Penelope, the Sirens, and Scylla and Charybdis. Athena uses her intellect more and plans the adventures of Telemachus and

Reunion and Reconciliation; The Odyssey and The Iliad - UMass, Greek Civilization - Essay

1301 words - 6 pages Free upon as greater than themselves. The importance of the love between father and son is far greater than any warrior’s wrath. Even though there are many similarities, the main disparities between the two epics come into play at the end. For the Odyssey, disguise and reversal, and in contrast, the end of the Iliad highlights genuineness and a bold straightforwardness that really sets the two stories apart. With divine intervention, or lack thereof

Be Truthful Or Else----Essay On "The Odyssey" And "Medea" Compared And Contrasted

1697 words - 7 pages unlike Odysseus is punished heavily for his lies to Medea. Medea ends up killing everyone important to Jason including their children, and leaving him with nothing. Both Odysseus and Jason truly express their true colors by their actions in each play.I believe in karma, "what goes around comes around". In the Odyssey, Odysseus is always respectful and truthful to his family and friends. At the end of the story, Odysseus reunites with his wife and

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1243 words - 5 pages Free have revenge on you and your 25 men Odysseus?” “Well Poseidon, king of the ocean, your son, Polyphemus, held us captive in his cave for a matter of time. We had to get out some way so we could get back home. So my men and I decided to intoxicate your 30 son, to the point where he passed out. While we was, in his deep slumber so soundly, we decided it to devise a plan. We found a large stick of wood in the corner of the cave, and we decided to

Reference trajectory tracking for a multi-DOF robot arm - Archives of Control Sciences - research paper

4333 words - 18 pages Archives of Control Sciences Volume 25(LXI), 2015 No. 4, pages 513–527 Reference trajectory tracking for a multi-DOF robot arm RÓBERT KRASŇANSKÝ, PETER VALACH, DÁVID SOÓS, JAVAD ZARBAKHSH This paper presents the problem of tracking the generated reference trajectory by the simulation model of a multi-DOF robot arm. The kinematic transformation between task space and joint configuration coordinates is nonlinear and configuration dependent. To

Comparison of "The Odyssey" and "O' Brother Where Art Thou"

427 words - 2 pages one eyed man.In both movies the Cyclops kills both characters friend. However, in O' Brother, the one eyed man was thought to have killed his friend, but he realized later that he didn't. Odysseus thinks that he doesn't need the god's help, but learns in the end that he does. Ulysses is cocky and thinks he doesn't need God. Nevertheless, in the end he too, learns that he does and prays for God to help him.In the Odyssey, Odysseus meets the blind

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1036 words - 5 pages Lord of the Flies and Hunger Games Compare and Contrast Essay Compare and contrast the situations in Lord of the Flies with The Hunger Games. Look at the notes in your Grammar & Composition pattern on different organizational patterns for writing Compare/Contrast essays. Compare means to note points of similarity. Contrast means to note points of differences. I. Railroad pattern. The writer says everything about “A” and then says everything