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I suggest that there is a very clear racial prejudice amongst the characters in this passage and that their
morality of rasicm also comes into play when decisions that may count againt them comes into play, the
times are also clearly not the same as things are now.
The words “Negroes” and “niggers” in the passage given tells us that this extract is from the historical era
that dates back to 1948 to the early 1990’s (Apartheid years) where whites and blacks were not seen as
one or as equals. It also plays off in a town where people are against black people. When reading the
passage we see a conversation between a father and his children which could be in a home because they
are comfortable talking to each other. There is also a clear contrast between “town dump” and “clean-
living people” a town dump is where rubbish is dumped (Collins English Dictionary) and normally people
who lives in little settlements are not seen as clean because the normally do not have clean running water
or proper building structures. A settlement according to (Collins English Dictionary) is a small community
the writer uses a hyperbole of a “little settlement” to exaggerate of how small the community behind the
town- dump really is and to show how insignificant black people were during those times.
When we look at the meaning of racial prejudice we think about arising race-based stereotypes. People of
influence who prejudice others set on stage for insitutional racism to occur ( Nadra Kareem Nittle. 2017).
Where as racial morality is principles corncerning the distinction between right and wrong or good or bad
behaviour. (Nadra Kareem Nittle. 2017). The writer uses a the simile “Then why did Cecil say you
defended niggers?. He made it sound like you were runnin’ a still”. The writer uses the simile to compare
the illegal running of a still to Atticus defending a black person to also being illegal in those times. It is clear
that Accitus does not agree with this racial prejudice, because he is still willing to defend a Negroe even if
it is illegal. The two themes intertwine, because despite the racism Accitus still sees everyone as equal. He
wants to prove the innocence of a black person even though he knows what will be said by using the
words “There has been some high talk around town”. He also tries to teach his children the correct morals
by ensuring them that one should not be racist by defending Tom when Scout asks why he is still willing to
defend a black person. Sometimes we know that if we do something it is wrong, but still we do it because
we know it is for the best and this exactly how the themes are intertwined by Accitus knowing right from
wrong, but he still defends Tom to proof that it is the right thing to do.
The first character indentified is Atticus. It is clear the he is a white lawyer defending a black person “Do all
lawyers defen...

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