Proving Points Against The Death Penalty, 25 Sources Used

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Capital Punishment is the lawful taking of a person's life after aconviction of crime. It has caused much controversy and has raiseddifficult legal and ethical issues. Debates about it continue to wage inboth courts and political arenas. There is evidence that the deathsentence is put to disproportionately use to be carried out on the poor,Negro, members of unpopular groups of society. The Death penaltyshould be made against the law because it is a punishment that isracist, sexist, and discriminatory against the poor.Racism is the number one argument in the case against thedeath penalty. In 1972, the Supreme Court halted executions in theUnited States (Wolf 3). They did this mainly beca ...view middle of the document...

This shows that theprobability that a white charged with capital murder would receive thedeath sentence was three in ten; the probability for an AfricanAmerican was close to five in ten. As a percentage of the nations totalpopulation, racial minorities are disproportionately represented ondeath row, especially true for blacks that make up about 40 percent ofthe population (Wolf 14). Some of the strongest discrimination casescan be found more in the Northern states where usually a black personis convicted of rape (Meltsner 75). Negro's convicted of rape are farmore likely to get the death penalty than a term sentence whereaswhite and Latinos convicted of rape are more likely to get a lifesentence rather than a death sentence. No matter what steps in ourgovernment are taken, or what laws are set, there will always be somesort of racial factor in capital punishment sentences unless it is totallyand completely abolished. But racism is not the only flaw in ourgovernments' judgment of punishment to a criminal.Another strong factor, besides racism, is a capital punishmentsentence based on the sex of the defendant. It is proven that men aremore likely to get a death sentence than women. A recent study showsthat almost 99 percent of criminals awaiting death are male (Wolf 14).The Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. publishes a quarterlyDeath Row USA, which not only reports the number of death rowinmates, but also the number of inmates executed since January 1,1976.The latest LDF report shows that between 1976 and July 1, 2001,715 men have been executed but only seven wo...


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1066 words - 5 pages ------- The Death Penalty -------By: Brendan Moriarty 04/28/96-Preface: Let it be noted now that this speech is very opinionated.I strongly believe that the Death Penalty is a form of punishment to be used when needed. Which opens up the question, when should it be used? That may be the breaking point in a lot of arguments, deciding when to use the death penalty is a very touchy subject. I believe that only murderers deserve the death penalty

The Death Penalty: Justice Or Murder?

526 words - 3 pages The issue of death penalty is always a controversial one. People may hold different views due to their distinctive angles. Some claim that it is a good way to prevent crimes, others, on the other hand, think that it is an evil thing to do, in all circumstances, to anyone. As far as I am concerned, I think that death penalty should be canceled because it may execute innocent people and it can't bring the victims back. In addition, there is no

Capital Punishment and the Death Penalty

514 words - 3 pages , such as: Matthew, Corinthians, Peter, and Hebrews. These are just a few; there are several more. The English used the Bible as a guide for crimes that would seem just under the punishable by death rule. Most of the laws and court structure in the United States are based on the old English system.Our society has become increasingly violent. I remember my parents saying that they used to leave their house open and their cars unlocked. You definitely

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1034 words - 5 pages Law Review states, “almost all the prosecutors making the key decision about whether the death penalty will be sought out are white.” “The Death Penalty in Black and White” (Study II: The Race of the Decision-Makers). The death penalty often appears to be racially divisive in counting white lives more valuable than black lives. Until race can be eliminated as a determinant of who lives and who dies, the death penalty should not be used. The death

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3476 words - 14 pages act as a deterrence for other criminals who are considering committing a capital crime, and is often the theory used as an argument for opposing the death penalty. The death penalty is used disproportionately against the poor, who have very limited resources to afford expensive legal counsel. The death penalty is also disproportionate against racial, ethnic and religious minorities. People living in poverty are affected by the death penalty for

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1554 words - 7 pages Free executed prisoners studied the anesthetic administered during lethal injection was lower than required for surgery.” ("Six Reasons to Oppose the Death Penalty"). This would mean that the inmates would feel the pain very much as well as if no anesthetics were used. For example December 13, 2006 “Technicians wrongly inserted the needles carrying the poisons that were to kill Diaz. The caustic chemicals poured into his soft tissues instead of his

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881 words - 4 pages Tovar Israel Tovar PAP English II Dr. Logan 22 May 2018 The Death Penalty Capital punishment has been around since the eighteenth century B.C. in the Code of King Hammurabi, “eye for an eye”. Eye for an eye is a belief that punishment should fit the crime. How America adopted capital punishment was through Great Britain, settlers brought the practice into the new world (Garland 34). Each century the death penalty was modified into a somewhat

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1615 words - 7 pages determinant of who lives and who dies and, therefore the death penalty is applied unfairly and should not be used (NAACP). Some people think that the society should utilise the most grounded discipline accessible to discourage kill. On the off chance that killers are condemned to demise and executed, potential killers will reconsider before slaughtering inspired by a fear of losing their own life, in other words, capital punishment positively

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676 words - 3 pages 2 Reading Header : Death Penalty Death Penalty Dhanvi Ayar Wheelock College Crime has always shadowed humans since the initiation of civilization. Depending on the severity of the offence, in order to punish the culprit, various kind of punishments have been used according to the means available at the time and has kept on changing as human race developed. However, capital punishment is the only one which has survived and is still prevalent in

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1225 words - 5 pages Free majority of citizens that find “comfort” in knowing that justice had been done. On the other hand, people who have not been affected by this find the penalty harsh and uncalled for, although the killer showed no mercy for the deceased. The individuals mentioned above are the faces representing the death penalty, whether they are for or against it. One area of disagreement that many encounter when analyzing the need for the death penalty is

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585 words - 3 pages Free Death Penalty Essay The death penalty is a very questionable punishment in many states across the U.S. Thirty-one of the fifty states officially have the death penalty, and nineteen without. Four of the states with death penalty have death penalty with gubernatorial moratoria. This is when the state governor can change a death sentence to life in prison, instead. In my opinion, I am for the death penalty because I believe it is sometimes

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636 words - 3 pages Angel of Death Agi tugs on my dress, we both smile at each other as an SS guard grips his large muscular hands around our fragile bones. Our excitement poured out like sunshine through fine white linen. We were finally going to be free. The tall high-reaching creature drags us through the horrid camp and finally, we end at a brick-built building guarded by soldiers. “A10562! A10563! you’re here at last!” Dr Mengele pleasingly comes out from

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1417 words - 6 pages commit the crimes they did. Majority of countries have abolished the death penalty simply because it goes against our human rights. It is a complete violation of what is our human right to life and freedom. The death penalty is torturous, and conflicts with our human rights. 3. If you honestly believe that this type of deterrence justifies in taking others life, then you can bear the burden for proving that this is all a deterrent. I agree that there

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532 words - 3 pages Death Penalty???????I strongly oppose death penalty. It is very cruel and inhumane. Death penalty is a very lethal weapon that the government possesses. So it should be used in the rarest of cases. In fact it should be avoided to the utmost.Morally, socially and economically, the death penalty is a bad public policy. Do we really need to kill in order to punish criminal and protect society? There is a better way. Killing for killing? Killing

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1734 words - 7 pages While Capital Punishment has been one of the most feared things of our time, it is still being questioned if it is unconstitutional. The Death Penalty is being enforced in more than 100 countries in the world and are usually in used in politically-related cases. Although it has been the case in many countries throughout the world it has been said that the Death Penalty is 'cruel and unusual punishment' which is a direct violation to the Bill of