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What do these texts suggest to you about the impact of separation in an individual’s life
61131001 Juan Cepeda
My life in a suitcase
Often times individuals will be afraid of being separated form a love one, from their culture or their comfort zone as they don’t know what the unknown future holds for them, and therefore they often times refused to embrace a future outside of their comfort zone a future being separated from their love ones. As I came into class today I didn’t know what to expect for our first personal response essay. However, as soon as I turned the page and saw the photograph from Fan Ho I felt so identify with the picture that I thought I was the one inside it. A women running away form the unknown future that separation might hold for her. I was just like her hiding myself into my comfort zone into the last minute rather than embracing the unknown future that would come once I would be separated form my family, my culture, and my roots. This women mirrors what my life was a couple of year ago when my family decided to immigrate to Canada and leave everting we had build in Colombia – Bogota- and start a new life.
I remember as if it was yesterday, the day that my parents told me we where moving to Canada – I was only in grade 4 - I asked them where is Canada? They replied a far place away from home. Then I asked them who’s coming with us? They replied only the four of us your sister, your dad, you and myself. Once they had said that it felt like blood was going to come out of my ears and I quickly asked, why are we moving why can’t we stay here? . They replied you’re too young to understand. After learning this news I felt like my whole word came crashing down, I ran to my room and I started crying while thinking about all of the things that I was going to be separated from and all the people and memories that I was going to leave behind. The first thing that came to my mind was leaving my grandmother – from my mom’s side- I couldn’t imagine a life without my grandma, she was even more than a parent to me, she was my closest friend, she was the one always looking out for me, she was the one that read me bed time stories, she was the one that prepared my breakfast and pack my lunch for school, she was the one that take care of me if I got sick. She was everything to me even so that back then I liked her more than my parents. - My parents were always at work, they usually worked fourteen hours a day and came home super late when I was already sleep so I didn’t really got the chance to spend much time with them -. Therefore the parent figure I had was my grandmother and when my parents they told me we wh...


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888 words - 4 pages conceded, up to absolutely nothing productive- unless sleeping counts as a productive hobby- and just plain lazy. So what if I told you there’s a lazy way out of doing the whole adult thing. Learning a romance language- including Spanish, French, and Italian- has been proven to improve mental functionality and memory. Spanish- one of the easiest languages to learn for a native English speaker- not only improves your resume but also helps mentally