Psychological Disorders: Should Be Treated Like Diseases English 1 A Argumentative Essay

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12 March 2019
Psychological Disorders: Should Be Treated Like Diseases
Psychological disorders like depression, anxiety, stress, and many more are often misunderstood. Many people don’t take these disorders serious. When we think of diseases we often see and think of anything physical because they are more apparent to the eyes. Therefore, many people do not believe psychological disorders should be treated like a disease because it’s not physical pain from an injury or pain from other diseases but they still can and do cause pain. Psychological disorders are devastating to one’s life and cause a number of issues just like any other disease would. It causes suffering and poor ability to function. It is hard for one with psychological disorders to live out a normal life. Some people think this is a normal part of life (also called that “everybody has their ups and downs” way of thinking) but this is far more than that. Psychological disorders are a major factor in an individual’s life. It effects every single aspect and can cause a lot more harm than we think, which is why psychological disorders should be treated seriously just like a disease.
Psychological disorders have been known to many for a long period of time. The term psychological is often the same as mental disorders. They can cause patterns of behavior that impact multiple fields of life. They create distress for the individual suffering from the symptoms. Psychological disorders can be genetic, environmental, and induced. These disorders are not unfamiliar. It is very common and affects nearly 20 percent of American adults (Saxena Shekhar and Ralph Aquila). There are numerous amounts of psychological disorders. Some of the more common mental illnesses that will be discussed include anxiety, depression, stress, and eating disorders. These disorders keep one from acting “normal” or merely accepted behavior. They make an impression on the mind and emotions of the brain, which can eventually affect physical demeanor as well. Mental illnesses and physical illnesses should be qualified and treated the same, since they both cause pain for the individual. Mental illnesses are no different from heart disease, diabetes or any other chronic illness. All chronic diseases have behavioral components as well as biological components. The only difference here is that the organ of interest is the brain instead of the heart or pancreas. But the same basic principles apply(Weir). Just like any other disease, there are signs, symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments for mental illness. Still, the process is more complicated than that of a physical alteration because the subject is of the mind, and every one individual is unique in terms of thinking, perspective, emotion, and past experience. This all impacts the mind, mental health, and physical health of human beings. 
A psychological disorder that several people suffer from is anxiety. Anxiety is known as excessive...

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