Psychology And Anthropology Unit Work Maryward Catholic Secondary School Idc4 U1: Unit 3 Unit 3

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Ansha Joy Hipolito UNIT 3: BODY
Teacher Advisor. Coleman, A. ​ AND BEHAVIOUR
Course. IDC4U2 -01
Evaluator. Bailey, L.
Unit 3: Body and Behaviour
Task 1: How the Nervous System Works
1.8: Nervous System
1. Visual information required to locate target.
2. Frontal-lobe motor areas plan the reach and command the movement.
3. Spinal cord carries information to hand.
4. Motor neurons carry message to muscles of the hand and forearm.
5. Sensory receptors on the fingers send message to sensory cortex saying that the pencil has been
6. Spinal cord carries sensory information to brain.
7. Basal ganglia judge grasp forces, and cerebellum corrects movement errors.
8. Sensory cortex receives the message that the pencil has been grasped.
In order for the gesture of picking up a pencil to occur messages to and from the brain need to
travel along the nerves, which are strings of long, thin cells called neurons delivering the message to
locate the pencil and then pick it up. Chemicalelectrical signals travel down the neurons much as flame
travels along a firecracker fuse. Transmission between neurons, or nerve cells, occurs whenever the cells
are stimulated past a minimum point and emit a signal. The neuron is said to fire in accord with the
all-or-none principle, which states that when a neuron fires, it does so at full strength which enable the
pencil to be picked up.
Task 2: Studying the Brain
2.3: “The lobes of the brain” pp. 162-165
Pg. 162
The Lobes of the Brain
● The cerebrum is really two hemispheres, or two sides. The cerebral hemisphere is connected by a
band of fibers called the corpus callosum. Each cerebral hemisphere has deep grooves, some of
which mark regions, or lobes
● lobes:​ the different regions into which the cerebral cortex is divided
Ansha Joy Hipolito UNIT 3: BODY
Teacher Advisor. Coleman, A. ​ AND BEHAVIOUR
Course. IDC4U2 -01
Evaluator. Bailey, L.
● The occipital lobe is where the visual signals are processed. Damage to this area can cause visual
problems. The parietal lobe is concerned with information from the senses from all over the body.
The temporal lobe is concerned with hearing, memory, emotion, and speaking. The frontal lobe is
concerned with organization, planning, and creative thinking.
Pg. 163
Left and Right Hemispheres
● The corpus callosum carries messages back and forth between the two hemispheres to jointly
control human functions. The left hemisphere controls the movements of the right side of the
body. For most people, the left side of the brain is where speech is located. The left side also is
specialized for mathematical ability, calculation, and logic.
● The right hemisphere controls the left side of the body. (Thus a stroke that causes damage to the
right hemisphere will result in numbness or paralysis on the left side of the body.)
Split-Brain Operations
● In a normal brain, the two hemispheres...

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