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51. The five stages of death and dying are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and
acceptance. Denial is the stage where you may start to think life has no meaning and could be
overwhelming. In this stage you’ll experience confusion, be in shock and fear. You are in a state
of shock and might think there was a mistake somewhere along the line. This stage also helps
you survive the loss. The second stage is anger which is also necessary for the healing process.
This is the stage where you start to think such as. “why me?” you might even start to blame
others. You most likely will feel alone or abandoned. Although anger might seem like it has no
benefits it is strength and could help you heal faster. The third stage is bargaining. In this stage
you start thinking stuff such as “what if?” you start to feel guilt and start to think there could
have been a way to stop it. You also try making a deal with god for example saying something
along the lines of “if you heal my husband Ill appreciate him more and never complain”. The
fourth stage is depression where grief enters one’s life on a deeper level. It feels like this stage
is going to last forever and could even encounter suicidal thoughts because one feels like there
is no point to go on in life. There will be days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed or even
closing out some of your loved ones because one just wants to be alone. After overcoming
these four stages you finally go into the stage of acceptance.
52. The three theories of emotion consist of the James Lange- Lange theory, the Cannon board
theory, and the Schachter- single two factory theory. The James- Lange theory of emotion
states that emotions arise from the physiological arousal. One would only experience a feeling
of fear after this physiological arousal had taken place. For example, if you were to encounter a
mountain lion your fight or flight response would initiate, which would cause your heart beat to
race and increase your respiration rate after the encounter with the mountain lion.
The Cannon- Bard theory of is the opposite of the James-Lange theory, it states that
physiological arousal and emotional experience occur simultaneously yet independently. In this
case if you were to encounter a mountain lion you would feel fear the exact moment your body
initiates its fight or flight response. The last theory Schechter-single two factor theory of
emption states that emotions and composed of two factors being physiological and cognitive.
The two-factor theory of emotion focuses on the interaction between physical arousal and how
we cognitively label that arousal. In other words, simply feeling arousal is not enough, we also
must identify the arousal in order to feel the emotion. So let’s say you were on a hike and you
were to encounter a mountain lion this would be the stimulus followed by the physical arousal
(rapid heartbeat) then is the cognitive label (associating the physical reactions of fear) which is

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