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Krause, Corts, Dolderman, Smith, Psychological Science, Canadian Edition,
Chapter 14: Health, Stress, and Coping
1) Smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in Canada.
Correct: Cigarette smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in Canada.
Diff: 3
Type: FIB
Page Reference: 587
Skill: Factual
Objective: Know the key terminology related to health psychology.
2) It is believed that snacking is responsible for the fact that watching television is correlated with obesity in men, whereas spending more time on a computer is not.
Correct: The number of hours watching TV is correlated with obesity but the number of hours on the computer is not; researchers think that the difference is the result of the fact that TV is a passive activity that people can do while snacking whereas while on the computer snacking is more difficult.
Diff: 2
Type: FIB
Page Reference: 592
Skill: Conceptual
Objective: Understand how genetic and environmental factors influence obesity.
3) Events or stimuli which trigger a stress response are called stressors.
Correct: Stress refers to both events (stressors) and experiences in response to these events (the stress response).
Diff: 1
Type: FIB
Page Reference: 599
Skill: Factual
Objective: Know the key terminology associated with stress and illness.
4) The alarm stage of the general adaptation syndrome involves recognizing a threat and the immediate physiological reaction to that threat.
Correct: The first stage of the GAS is the alarm phase, which is triggered by the occurrence of a stressor.
Diff: 2
Type: FIB
Page Reference: 601
Skill: Factual
Objective: Understand the physiological reactions that occur under stress.
5) The HPA axis is the neural and endocrine circuit that causes cortisol levels to increase when it is activated by stress.
Correct: Activation of the HPA axis causes cortisol to be released by the adrenal glands. Cortisol prepares the body to respond to stressful circumstances. For example, cortisol may stimulate increased access to energy stores or lead to decreased inflammation.
Diff: 2
Type: FIB
Page Reference: 602
Skill: Conceptual
Objective: Understand the physiological reactions that occur under stress.
6) The bacterium Helicobacter pyloriisnow known to be the ca...

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