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Psychology in Modern Life
Adjunct Faculty: Laura Feren
Section # 3 Quiz ______________
(10 points) Name
“Self-Actualizing and Beyond” by Abraham Maslow
1. T F Self-actualization is something that one can experience daily.
2. T F The opposite of a growth choice is to choose out of fear or safety.
“Uniqueness” by Nelson Goud
3. T F How a person makes minute-by-minute sense of life is considered unique.
4. T F A fundamental life force pushes toward uniqueness.
5. T F Originality can be found in one’s style of doing things.
6. T F Most of the achievements of people are but variations of themes that others have created.
“Getting Unstuck: Joyfully Recreating Your Life” by Harold H. Bloomfield and Robert B. Kory
7. The common denominator in the “I’m Stuck” syndrome is the feeling of being
a. caught in a situation beyond one’s control.
b. caught in a situation into which one has no insight.
c. deficient in necessary education or training.
d. pressured to please the contradictory demands of others.
8. Which of the following is not a reason given for causing the “I’m Stuck” syndrome?
a. international political climate
b. do not want to displease others
c. fear of taking risks
d. ethnic or racial discrimination
9. T F Successful people tend to set goals at an ultimate level and devote their time and energies toward these goals.
10. T F Successful people tend to schedule their time to allow for errors and mistakes.
11. T F Successful people do their important work in the morning and their routine tasks in the afternoon or evening.
“The Emerging Adult: Finding a Passion, Modifying Dreams, Furthering One’s Education” by Nelson Goud
12. Four steps were presented in modifying one’s life dream. Which of the following is one of these steps?
a. Gauge what is realistic.
b. Consider other options.
c. Analyze and dissect your dream.
d. Let it sit for awhile (incubation).
13. T F One test of a “passion” is when one becomes fully absorbed in an experience.
14. T F One guide offered on returning to college is when you do not have a direction or plan.
“The Unpredictable” by Nelson Goud
15. The author became a professor for all but one of the following reasons:
a. university studies
b. teaching part-time
c. burying a soldier
d. His father was a professor.
16. T F The author argues that life will be determined by the unexpected as much as the expected.
17. T F...

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