Public Awareness About Human Trafficking Twu/English Rhetorical Analysis

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Hannick 1
Makenzy Hannick
Dr. Griswold
ENGL. 1023.12
1 March 2018
Human Trafficking
Public awareness about trafficking in America has increased drastically due to several survivors and other spokeswomen in America. According to the International Labor Organization, “20.9 million people are enslaved” (Bell and Krulak). The article that I chose, “Modern Slavery: Why We Have to Stop Human Trafficking,” provides good information about human trafficking  and the statistics of it from past to present. It is written by the mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, William Bell, and General Charles C Krulak, former president of Birmingham Southern College. The article as a whole is written to inform the reader of this major issue, and what has been done and what still needs to be done to end human trafficking.
Bell and Krulak begin the article explaining what human trafficking is and how often it occurs.  Bell and Krulak make the comparison that human trafficking and slavery are practically the same thing, and that sex trafficking plays a major role in this crime. The explanation provided states that, “It gets most of the attention and understandably so: it is a horrific crime that accounts for two-thirds of traffickers’ $150 billion in yearly profits” (Bell and Krulak). They continue to use logos throughout the article by providing various statistics of human trafficking in America and how much it has changed over the years. For example, Bell and Krulak provide the following information: “Over the last decade all governments and non-governmental organizations have spent an average of $124 million a year combined fighting trafficking” and follow it with, “According to the 2015 State Department Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report, there were only 4,443 convictions for trafficking globally in 2014” (Bell and Krulak). With these statistics, they are informing the reader of how high powered political organizations have attempted to assist the situation and the difference that they have made.
Bell and Krulak also use the appeal ethos in their article by referring to professional organizations that have conducted studies over the past few years. These statistics were made about human trafficking and how much the percentage of occurrence may or may not have changed in America. For example, Bell and Krulak mention the funding that congress provides to the Department of Justice’s Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit (HTPU), which works with ...


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