Public Health Paper Online Class Project Week 2 South University Introduction To Public Health Paper

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Week 3 Discussion: Cohort Studies
Lorraine Trotter
South University
PHE 2001
Cohort studies are very powerful studies but case- control studies have the tendency at being more popular and yes I do agree with this statement. I agree with this statement because case control studies are the quickest out of the two, they are not expensive to implement, they don't require as many as subjects as a cohort study, and they also let more than one exposure and more than one risk factor to be evaluated for one outcome (Song, J. W., & Chung, K. C., 2010).
The difference of a cohort study from a case control study is a cohort study is where a research study will do a comparison of a certain outcome of groups of individuals who are alike in a lot of different ways but have a difference within certain characteristics and a case control study is a descriptive study that follows a small group of individuals and are an extension of case reports. Case studies are designed in helping with the determination whether an exposure is in link with an outcome of any disease or any condition of interest (Song, J. W., & Chung, K. C., 2010).
The main use or purpose of a cohort study design is to give is to come up with a question and create a hypothesis about what may caused a certain disease. A whole purpose is to assess a prognosis, the risk factors, and harm of something. The main purpose of a case control study design is the identification of subjects by the outcome status at the beginning of the research (Song, J. W., & Chung, K. C., 2010).
It is best to use the cohort study design when dealing with an outbreak of a particu...


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