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Public Hellhole Or Private Paradise: School Choice Reveals All

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Will school choice significantly improve educational standards? This is the fundamental question in school choice policy debates. Are vouchers the solution or do they just compound the problem? Teachers unions believe school choice will destroy the public school system, a mainstay of government responsibility. Yet others argue that the failings of public education are the primary reason why certain groups are held back from advancing their place in society. Who is right? More importantly, whose interests will win out?As American support for the public education system dwindles, many parents find the only place for their children to receive a quality education is in a private school. The ...view middle of the document...

However, if the government adopted a system of vouchers, the economically deprived wouldn't be in this situation. Bob is not alone; he is one of the millions upon millions of poor families in America. Many of these families could use a better education.During Bob's time in school he's witnessed approximately 100 fights, 3 teachers being assaulted by students and numerous drug and weapons arrests. Many of these acts were merely boyish fights and left no lasting impression. One incident that has scarred him for life was when a student came to school with a five-inch knife and proceeded to stab an administrator in front of approximately seventy students. The victim recovered fully and the perpetrator, who at the time was fifteen, is now in jail. Is this the atmosphere that children should be placed in to receive the fundamental elements of education that will prepare them for high school and eventually college?There is enough concern about the quality of education in public schools that many private schools have been bombarded with applications in recent years. The problems facing many public schools are non-existent at most private schools. They have no need to institute security measures because discipline is not a problem. Students know that the school board can expel anyone that hinders learning in the classroom. Disruptive and violent actions are taken seriously and are not tolerated under any circumstance.Private schools across the nation have fewer disciplinary problems than public schools because they can be selective in whom they choose to accept into there institute. Those who apply truly want to learn and are willing to spend thousands of dollars a year to ensure that they receive the best education possible. With that money they don't expect to have to fear for their safety, or fear that they will not learn anything in class because one person is disruptive.Choice-based reforms, such as vouchers and charter schools, depend on the idea that schools will have to satisfy parents to keep their customers. They provide parents with a portion of the public educational funding allotted for their child to attend school, and allow them to use those funds to attend the school of their choice. It gives them the fiscal authority to send their child to the educational institution that best suits their child, whether it is a religious or parochial school, another private school, or a neighborhood or magnet public school. If parents place a high priority on academics, then schools with strong academic programs will do well under school choice.If parents want their children to learn disciplined work habits, then schools that teach such habits will thrive under school choice. If parents choose schools based on their sports programs, then schools emphasizing sports will succeed. These programs empower the family and, in so doing, infuse consumer accountability into the traditional public schools system....

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