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Public Perception And The Influential Mind

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In today's society ones outward appearance is held at a higher importance than ones character. Individuals feel as if they must live up to certain standards that are conveyed by various sources such as the media and those around them. A strong emphasis is placed on how one should look and people are lead to believe that if they are somehow able to attain this physical appearance they will be not only accepted but respected by others and will therefore live a more satisfying life. This causes a vicious cycle because the goal that is trying to be met is one that is so unrealistic that the intention to self-improve inevitably leads to self-destruction.The "perfect" body image that is portrayed ...view middle of the document...

The media portrays the ideal woman to be young, large chested and thin, it is seen that anything different is seen to be less and inferior to this ideal image. Men might feel inferior to others if they don't have that hulking body or that athletic build, and this might lead to depression if they think they will never find someone because they are sub-par and not good enough for anyone else. Media's portrayal of the ideal image is very wrong, it does not show diversity, it just shows that one "cookie-cutter" image of people and how they "should" look like.People will seek out temporary fixes to make them feel more appealing such as plastic surgery or steroids. These temporary fixes lead to more self-confidence, if a person is completely contented with the way they look and their relationship with others then they will be happier people, but I believe we should be accepting of whom we are and what we look like. Whom are we trying to impress? Does it make a difference to have fewer wrinkles or to be built or large chested? The fact is some people can see past the physical and see true beauty within people. We are trying to impress others and look attractive for our own self benefit, for self confidence. Why do people find the need to impress? People constantly need to feel accepted, to feel liked, appreciated and respected by those around them. People are very susceptible to advertisements and even the viral media of hearing about a product from someone else that's tried it. If the advertisements make one person feel insecure, even that one person might go off and promote the product and they get the answer to the problems they have for themselves and the negative views they have about their own body.Is there such thing as perfection? What is normal? What is perfection and the perfect body image in today's society and who sets that standard? The world is very diverse, different cultures and people have their own take on what they find is attractive. Here in north America, we get the...

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