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Public Relation Strategy Stage 2,3 Essay

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AbstractXXX-XXX, Inc. hopes to expand into the global market by introducing its Terra Block Machine to the country of Sri Lanka. Known as the hub of South Asia, this country was one of the countries devastated during the recent tsunami. The Terra Block machine can be instrumental in rebuilding the damaged community infrastructure in the villages that were hardest hit. Long-term, XXX-XXX hopes to take advantage of Sri Lanka's regional value to distribute this product to other countries in Southeast and lower Southwest Asia.Public Relations StrategyTo be effective, the public relations professional must understand the business goals of his or her organization and be able to tie PR goals to the ...view middle of the document...

Defining the specific PR objective for each of these business objectives would be as follows, 1) gain support from Sri Lankan government officials as well as from builders and community leaders in the next six months, 2) increase sales to 100 units per month by becoming the brand of choice for builders and other end users within one year, 3) increase market share by expanding into the Southeast and lower Southwest Asia geographical regions within three years.XXX-XXX, Inc. must identify its publics before it can develop a plan and incorporate communications into the marketing strategy. Publicity, advertising and promotions help to attract attention and create the image, energy, and excitement that bring the company's product and its customers to the area.In Sri Lanka, there is a specific need for low-cost housing, particularly in areas affected by the devastation of the tsunami. XXX XXX, Inc. needs customized public relations programs that coordinate the PR activities with marketing, sales, advertising and promotional campaigns. This process will help to develop the appropriate themes and integrate them into the public.In order to determine the organization's goals, the PR professionals at XXX XXX, Inc. must develop strategies, tactics, and tasks specifically oriented to the Sri Lanka government, special interest groups, media, and many other parties. These are the key publics and stakeholders that the organization has to establish a relationship with. An effective PR plan can result in the support of public officials, civilians and business leaders. Other interested parties can help to build coalitions in rebuilding Sri Lanka, and other developing countries.One of the PR strategies will be to prepare a media release and create a media distribution list for the media release. The release will announce the organization's plans to rebuild a temple using the new Terra Block. In following the strategic plan, the President and CEO will be quoted on the press release and it will be distributed to government offices, universities, and local construction companies. Please see the enclosed Exhibit.A tactical plan will be developed to include an open house, a community event, direct mail, internet/intranet, and having the President of the organization promote the product himself using these tactics. In preparing an open house in Sri Lanka, the organization will have to ensure to pick a day of the week that is permitted by standard business practices and a date that does not conflict with any of their many holidays. The open house will have to be announced well in advance in order to give contractors an opportunity to plan their attendance and share the event with their colleagues and other customers in the industry. Word of mouth is a valid method of advertisement for the open house once vendors share with each other that they plan to attend. In Sri Lanka, it is common business practice to do what similar companies are doing. Where one group may attend a...

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