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Public Relations Campaign Strategy For Fictional Computer Company Trying To Take Over Lead Market Share

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The public relations campaign's overall objective is to promote the transition of a portion of Bell Computers customer service functions to a 24-hour call center located in India. The campaign will focus on the projected benefits attainable in reducing operational costs and improving the quality of customer service provided.Bell Computers recognizes the concerns of internal employees and local communities in moving a portion of their operations to a foreign country. The company's shareholders need assurance that the transition is a practical business decision that will maintain and ultimately increase Bell Computers market share. The political and community leaders in India, as well as the ...view middle of the document...

The Bell Computer management and directors will review customer surveys, and financial reports to ensure that the organization fulfills their goals. The public relations department will monitor all aspects of the campaign implementation and will report to management, on an ongoing basis, the status of the campaign budget, and the results of the campaign.Identifying PublicsBell continues its focus on the following target audiences; current employees, shareholders, new employees in India, political and civic leaders in India, and current and future customers. It is the goal of Bell Computers to keep all audiences "in the loop." Shareholders and employees alike, "...should not be taken for granted, nor should they be shielded from the truth" (Seitel, 2004, p. 265). Allowing current employees and shareholders to remain abreast of the goings on will result in a feeling of importance within the company as a whole.The Bell organization has a social responsibility to the newly recruited Indian workforce. It is a goal of this company "to build a reservoir of goodwill with in their host community" (Seitel,...

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