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In today's high performance business environment public relations (PR) is more important than ever before. Public relations are a two-way communication between an organization and the public. PR, a highly evolving practice that is seldom defined the same way twice, is the cornerstone of an organization or individual's reputation within the market. This paper, in addition to defining PR, will compare and contrast examples of the many definitions of PR and explain why so many definitions exist relating to a practice that all business organizations agree is vital to success.The Institute for Public relations defines public relations as, "…the planned and sustained effort to establish ...view middle of the document...

PR is it art of developing, promoting and maintaining a relationship with the media in order to reveal positive stories and actions about an organization or individual; which in turn influences the many diverse publics perceptions and opinions of an organization or individual.All three definitions reveal a facet of public relations. The PRSA definition is somewhat vague for a first time student of public relations, while McNamera's definition leans towards the actual process by which information is communicated to the public. PRSA and Seitel's definitions complement each other in the fact that both definitions underline the importance of the mutual adaptation and the communication required between organizations and their publics. Adapt mutually and mutual understanding underscores the organizations goal to understand consumers and their attitudes while creating an understanding of the organization's goal, products and services. In contrast, McNamara's definition concentrates less on communication and mutual adaptation and more on the ability of the organization to use the tools of public relations to foster an understanding of the organization.The PRSA definition is somewhat limited in that while mention of mutual adaptation between the organization and the public exists, no mention exists of public relations need for character, ethics, performance or the need to influence the public. Conversely, both Seitel's and McNamera's definitions underscore the necessity of influencing public image in order to enhance the publics understanding of the organization.Seitel's definition, in the writer opinion is the most complete definition encompassing three very important facets of public relations character, performance and mutual satisfaction in the communication between organizations and the public.One of the major reasons for the many different definitions of public relations is the fact that PR is a complex practice that society erroneously confuses or uses interchangeably with marketing and advertising. Public relations are a practice that has continued to evolve over ...


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1797 words - 8 pages . 329)PepsiCo's public relations team had presented a compelling communication strategy which led to the presentation of the coveted "Best of Silver Anvils" in the 1994 Public Relations Society of America Competition (p.325).ResourceCenter, A.H., Jackson, P. (2003). Public Relations Practices: Managerial Case Studies and Problems, (6th ed.). Upper Saddle; New York Prentice-Hall Retrieved July 24, 2008 from University of Phoenix, rEsource, MKT438-Public Relations Web site.Seitel, F.P. (2004). The Practice of Public Relations, (9th ed.) Upper Saddle; New York Prentice-Hall Retrieved July 24, 2008 from University of Phoenix, rEsource, MKT438-Public Relations Web site.

Paper On Defining Public Relations

856 words - 4 pages change.Wikipedia, defines public relations as an active managing of communication of an organization or business to create and maintain a positive image.With so many definitions of public relations, which one is accurate? They are all accurate. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast these definitions.The Practice of Public Relations and Public Relations Practices: Managerial Case Studies and Problems both states that public relations is a

Paper On Defining Public Relations

799 words - 4 pages , the support of charitable events, or even a press release concerning positive community involvement about an organization. The field of public relations influences the behavior of society and anyone who has an effect on the organization's performance. This includes customers, employees, shareholders, voters, government regulators, special interest groups, and so on. The intentions of this paper are to discuss the many descriptions of public

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1337 words - 6 pages relations are often considered to be one of the primary activities included in business promotions. Public Relations are a vital part of a comprehensive marketing program. Every company, whether large or small, should have a Public Relations group in place. Public Relations will add power to your overall company's image. (Seitel, 2004) In this paper I will explore three different companies and there effective public relations programs; ExxonMobil, Wal

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3457 words - 14 pages writing 3: ……………………………………… nature of news and news reporting 4: ………………………………………journalistic skills used by a PRP 5: ……………………………………….editing and page layout 6: ……………………………………….. reference list SIYABONGA 15004819 i Introduction – Question 1 The interaction between public relations and journalism is a relationship of mutual benefit as one would not be as successful without the help of the other, basically in order for public relations to be successful

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897 words - 4 pages Proposal/Benti | Ann Sheppard Ann Sheppard Proposal: Research Paper for Benti: The History of Africa September 17, 2019 Extra-Legal Violence: A Comparative Exploration of South Africa and The United States Usage During the Jim Crow Era The inherent violence of race relations during the long nineteenth century between 1877 and 1919 of the United States (most notably the geographic South) and South Africa remain iconic expressions of White

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2105 words - 9 pages Gender-Based Violence in Rohingya Crisis Through a Feminist Lens Srija Banerjee This paper intends on bringing to the forefront the experiences, overshadowed narrative and overall role of women in the Rohingya Crisis. The conflict will be analysed through a feminist lens, specifically the text, “Feminist International Relations: A Contradiction in Terms? Or: Why Women and Gender Are Essential to Understanding the World 'We' Live in
” by Gillian


2241 words - 9 pages SOCIALIST FEMINISM -- A STRATEGY FOR THE WOMEN'S MOVEMENTBy Hyde Park Chapter, Chicago Women's Liberation UnionHeather BoothDay CreamerSusan DavisDeb DobbinRobin KaufmanTobey KlassContact:H. P. Chapter819 West GeorgeChicago, Illinois 60657Additional copies 50 cents plus mailing costsBulk rates available on requestINTRODUCTIONWe have written this paper to express and share with other women ideas for a new strategy for the women's movement

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2467 words - 10 pages within the area, in recognition that individuals can belong to several 'communities'. Whereas the Community Policing model looks to build relations with the public as a whole, the Neighborhood model focus's on specific neighborhoods, tackling local priorities. The main intention being to send out a signal to the local public, especially in deprived areas that something is being done in their area (Davis III 2014). Whereas the Community model implies

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700 words - 3 pages list goes on. C. Thesis: Community policing is an effective way to promote public safety and to immensely enhance the quality of life in a community. Community policing definitely plays a pivotal role in the defining elements of policing such as problem solving and police community relations. Citizens such as students coming home from school can take part by implementing programs for example a neighborhood watch, citizen surveys, and the list

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1762 words - 8 pages In a fiat money system money has value because of its relative scarcity and the faith placed in it by the people using it. In this system, there is no limit on the amount of money that can be created. Fiat monetary systems come into existence as a result of excessive public debt. When the government cannot repay its debt in gold or silver, the temptation to remove physical backing rather than to default becomes irresistible. This was the case in

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1347 words - 6 pages growth of children’s minds. Everyday we interact with others, and it is during the preschool years that children begin to learn how to manage their emotions and build relationships with peers as well as adults. The time that they spend practicing and using these skills as a child will typically determine how well they do with friendships and succeed in public relations. As a future educator, I recognize the tools in which I must provide to children

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3399 words - 14 pages symbolic space is critical in positioning a worker within a given set of relations in society. In most cases, these relations imbue actual encounters between the public and the dirty job workers. Douglas (2002, p. 33) focussed on the entanglement of bodies and space in the construction of dirty work. According to this researcher, place, culture, and locality have a great role to play in the perception, construction, and development of dirty work

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1384 words - 6 pages members and the public of the chancing issues facing women's healthcare. (The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 2007a)The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists follows a code of professional ethics to govern the behavior of its members. This paper will discuss the clarity of goals, identified ethical principles, Grievance procedures, an opinion as to the feasibility of enforcing the entire code of professional ethics

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2165 words - 9 pages Rigging the game: CPA as an illegitimate strategic business action Introduction In the following paper the central theme will be corporate political activity. Corporate political activity (CPA) is defined as corporate attempts to shape government policy in ways favourable to the firm (Baysinger, 1984). Hillman (2004) notes how firms engage in political participation all over the world: in the US and the European Union (Coen, 1997), Japan (Angel