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Compare and contrast on Abortion
Just 1550 BC abortion methods were created, an interested information in the ancient greece and Rome “Greek philosopher Aristotle (384–322 B.C) wrote that "when couples have children in excess, let abortion be procured before sense and life have begun..." it is very interesting because even before B.C the ancients had established some kind of norm or option for woman (BBC, 2014).
therefore abortion was thought-about not as killing however as against the law against a husband United Nations agency would be bereft of a possible kid (Malcolm Potts et al., 1977).
Connecticut became the first state to prohibit the purchase of any abortion induced poison to woman, although no woman were legally charged . was only until 1845 in new york were charged for terminate a pregnancy( Dorothy E. McBride,2008)
According to the World Health Organization (2003), worldwide illegal abortion costs the life of 65,000to 70,000 women and another five million that have temporary or permanent disability.
Since January 22 1973 when Roe v.Wade declared that abortion is a legal method and that woman should have the right of choosing if they want to get an abortion or not. it has created a division between people as not everyone agrees that should be legal.
Abortion still a very debatable issues every person has his or her own opinion and viewpoints about abortion. Substantial supporting points are given regarding abortion and there is a contradiction expressing just the opposite. Groups such as pro-life and pro-choice activists fight and share their arguments regarding abortion.
In the United States of America, abortion is legal and a study shows that in (WHO, 2007) teenage woman accounted for less than 17 percent of all abortions performed in the same year. Because of that, many people conclude that it should continue legal with the help of pro-choice activist.
who believe that every woman has and should have the right to choose if they want to keep the pregnancy or terminate. Also it is safer to make it legar because will terminate the pregnancy in a safer place with the right equipment and personnel.
Rather than going to ilegal places where equipments are not sterilized or clean and those that perform the procedure do not have experience or qualifications and a woman ends up dead or unable to get pregnant again when she decides it is the right time (2016 Democratic party platform).
However, pro-life activists are making it difficult for women, as they believe that women should not terminate a pregnancy. As they are working to convince the congress to pass a law to make abortion
Abortion should be a choice for any individual to choose. The pro-choice activists believe that abortion is not a murder as they have the opinion that the fetus is not yet a human, because of some religious factors some think that is a sin, but because of t...


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