Purchasing: Inventory Management, Inventory Turn Over Ratio, Fill Rates Lambton Essay

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Assignment: 3
SUP: 3011
Professor: Andy Thir
Student Name: Parth Patel
Student Number: C0697758
Question: 1
Field: Planning Procurement
Companies Participating in respective field:
1. Uline: Procurement Manager
2. Westpro Machinery Inc.: Procurement Specialist
3. Deloitte: Manager: Sourcing and Procurement Technology
4. Burnac Produce Ltd.: Procurement Analyst
5. Ecofitt Corporation: Procurement Sourcing Specialist
Question: 2
Different Roles in Planning Procurement
1. Entry Level:
· Entry Level Buyer
· Junior Purchasing Assistant
2. Intermediate:
· Procurement Coordinator
· Procurement Specialist
· Strategic procurement Analyst
3. Senior Level:
· Director Supplier Management/ Procurement
Question 3: A 5-year Plan:
1. Goal 1: (2018): Get a supply chain Co-op position:
· Specific: The goal is specific to get a co-op position into supply-chain field. For achieving that I will be working on my resume and preparing for interviews and try to get the job position I desire.
· Achievable: Yes, this goal is totally achievable, for getting the goal completed I need to search for the companies providing co-op positions and must actively applying to those positions.
· Time: This goal is time bound as I must get co-op position before 29th May 2018.
2. Goal 2: (2019): Get Entry-level warehouse clerk position:
· Measurable: The goal is measurable as getting a job offer letter is a milestone for this goal.
· Realistic: As the position is entry-level I can get the job...

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