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Purpose Of Documents AndHow Each Is Used By Bonnington Holiday VillagesConfirmation LetterThis is a business document, it is sent to the customers of a business to clarify what the customers have ordered, from goods to services.Bonnington Holiday Villages may use confirmation letters to send to the customers detailing what the customers requested such as to book accommodation or confirming the customers' reservation.Purchase Order RequestA purchase order request is a business document that is sent out to the Purchasing department, listing the stocks t ...view middle of the document...

A purchase order is the official order for an item. Goods, on no account are sent out until an official order has been acknowledged.Bonnington Holiday Villages may use a purchase order document to order some goods, in order for them to do this they will have to send the purchase order to the suppliers.Despatch NoteA despatch (delivery) note is a business document that states the contents of the package (but not the price). When an item is sent to a customer, a despatch (delivery) note is also forwarded to the customer. The carrier who delivers the goods usually requires a signature and then retains a copy of the delivery note to prove the package arrived intact.Bonnington Holiday Villages can use this document to check that all of their goods have arrived safely and that there aren't any misunderstandings.InvoiceAn invoice is a bill for payment. It states the goods that have been sent and includes details of the price. There can be other things that are listed on the invoice other than price these can be: description of the goods, quantity and the total price as well as lots more.Bonnington Holiday Villages may use an invoice to see how much they have to pay for the goods they ordered and to see if the description on the invoice matches the description of the goods they ordered.`


Hinduism and fate love during 1991 - school - research paper

1050 words - 5 pages Name: __________________________________ Date: ____________________ Document Based Essay Question: Hinduism and Buddhism This question is based on the accompanying documents. The question is designed to test your ability to work with historical documents. Some of these documents have been edited for the purposes of this question. As you analyze the documents, take into account the source of each document and any point of view that may be

The Founding Documents of the United States - Liberty University Government - Essay

804 words - 4 pages 2 COMPARATIVE PAPER The Founding Documents of the United States of America COMPARATIVE PAPER The Founding Documents of the United States of America The founding documents of this country have shaped our national government and our society. This paper examines the founding documents, and the principles found in the Holy Scriptures, in an effort to explain how Biblical principles helped form our civil government. Founding Documents Declaration of

assinment which makes students work together to create an effective presentation - hostory - history assignment

2254 words - 10 pages not reach a standard described by any of the descriptors below. 1-2 The student: i. communicates information and ideas in a limited way, using a style that is limited in its appropriateness to the audience and purpose, ii. structures information and ideas according to the specified format in a limited way, iii. documents sources of information in a limited way. The student: i. communicates information and ideas in a limited way, using a style that

Made-Up Business's Business Plan. Business: GypoNet Internet Service Provider in Australia. Complete with full diagrams and tables

351 words - 2 pages 1.0 Executive SummaryGypoNet in an internet service provider and web hoster in Sydney NSW, Australia. The purpose of this business plan is to outline the Start-Up of GypoNet in the future, outlining plans, goals and how to achieve them.Our business aims to create a monopoly in the industry in which GypoNet will be the only ISP available to produce speeds not yet experienced by Australian users, but have been around for a large amount of time in

Compare the U.S. Constitution, Declaration Of Independence, and Thomas Jefferson Letters - Liberty University/ GOVT200 - Comparison Paper

1116 words - 5 pages Comparison Paper Takareathia Rose GOVT200, L30374945 America has built its foundation off of a few founding documents, which include The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and was supported by Thomas Jefferson Letters to the Danbury Baptist in 1802. These documents were intended to set a foundation for the lifestyle that will be enforced throughout the population. However, these documents differ in many ways such as goals, content

Compare the different documents used in the selection and recruitment process of a organisation - Newvic - Essay

1713 words - 7 pages M1: Compare the purposes of the different documents used in the selection and recruitment process of a given organisation. In this task, I will be comparing the purposes of the different documents used in the selection process of a given organisation. During the process of recruitment and selection, there were many documents used and analysed during this time. The documents used during this process were a job description, a job advert, a person

Politics of slavery dbq on civil war of united states - 11th APUSH - Dbq

969 words - 4 pages Alex Kornienko 2006 The Episcopal Academy Advanced Placement Examination AMERICAN HISTORY Section II Part A (Suggested Writing Time— 45 minutes) Percent of Section II score— 45 Directions: The following question requires you to construct a coherent essay that integrates your interpretation of Documents A-H and your knowledge of the period

Check Point New System Proposal

385 words - 2 pages Free The project has to have a post project review at the end of the projects life cycle. The purpose for this is to figure out what did and didn't work with the project and how the can avoided the same thing with a future project.The post project review have to be done by members of the project team, key stakeholders (operational support staff, etc.) , and users of the project deliverable or result. There are severals roles that have to be assigned

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865 words - 4 pages from reading this article to help prevent history from happening again. There is an assumption that Jewish people would want to read this article. Purpose Identify the author’s purpose in 4 sentences and analyze how the author is trying to achieve this purpose. Why was this text written? You should ask yourself, “What does the speaker want the audience to think or do as a result of reading this text?” How is this message conveyed? What is the

rhetorical anylasis on decleration of independence - english - essay

557 words - 3 pages Takia Anderson Ms. Spensieri English 11A December 2,2018 In one of the most important documents in the United States history, The Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson argues that American colonies have God-given rights that gives them the right to be free from Great Britain and that they must demand freedom. He utilizes these natural laws throughout the document by elaborating on unalienable rights that are given to all men, regardless

Book Review of the book adventures of huckleberry finn - IQA - Essay

972 words - 4 pages DOING BOOK REVIEWS Book reviews require close attention to purpose. Students know that instructors require them to write reviews to demonstrate that they have read the material. Consequently, they write detailed summaries as evidence of their reading. However, a good written review must evaluate the material to give readers a quick grasp of both the book’s purpose and content. Students should also be able to judge the success with which the

Hoover Vs. Roosevelt

1064 words - 5 pages required him to ensure that the lack of intervention in the economy would be maintained, but he also sensed the transformation of the views of the working masses who looked favorably on restriction of unfair business practices. This lack of complete dedication to private interest or public purpose is further displayed in Documents B and C where Hoover stresses the importance of the individual in ending the Depression while also assuring government

Disaster Recovery Plan

1751 words - 8 pages safety and recovery of vital records·Minimize the duration of disasters·Reduction of the immediate damage and loss·Business contingency in the event of a disaster·Recovery of lost and damaged records or lost information after a disasterDisaster recovery procedures are designed to reduce the aftermath of disasters and to ensure recovery of the business operations. To achieve its purpose, a disaster recovery plan must have

Corporation Law and its impact on firms - Monash university - Assignment

992 words - 4 pages the authority to bind the company and all procedures and documents are in order. An exception to this is if the third party has the knowledge that the person of the company that they are dealing with has no authority. 1. [Condition Satisfied] [1.] 2. [Condition Unsatisfied] [1. ] [4.04] Under the definition in the Corporations Act 2001, a director is not only a person who has been appoint to that role but also includes individuals who are regarded

The Strength of the Japanese Navy during World War II - St. Robert CHS/Grade 10 - Historical Investigation

2008 words - 9 pages situations would prove valuable when analyzing particular situations including the strength of  generals, technological advancements, etc… In relation to its content, the author analyzes primary sources including  Japanese documents. In addition, it would happen to include the most recent research/resources on the topic. The  purpose is to inform the general public on the Japanese Navy in World War 2, providing an in-depth viewpoint on the  matter