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Happiness is a sense of well-being, joy, or contentment. Happiness is not found through
the material things in life. People should approach the idea of achieving happiness by having a
positive outlook on life and being willing to work hard for what they want. Truly happy people
perceive that happiness does not return from one event. It comes from a positive outlook and
specific daily actions, that reinforce a contented perspective.

As Mill stated, Those only are happy who have their minds fixed on some object other
than their own happiness.'' A way to do this is to find a career that you are very passionate
about. A good example of this is my mother, she runs her own business and doesn't want to
retire until she is at least 70 because she loves what she does that much. She has always been a
role model for me in this aspect because I have always wanted to find a job that makes me as
happy or constantly excited and interested as it does for her. Especially because many of my
friend's parents growing up hated their jobs and were always unhappy when they came back from
work, whereas when my mom goes to work in a bad mood, she will come back in a good mood.
This encouraged me to want to look for jobs I might be interested in from a young age. Another
aspect of your job that can bring you joy is a success, Challenges are luxuriant in business and life.
actually happy individuals consider these obstacles as real opportunities that may be overcome.
An example is being joyful about learning, some individuals notice learning something you are not
accustomed to is tedious and frustrating. Be exuberant in concerns with gaining new skills and
higher understanding.

This will make you try your best because half-hearted efforts press confidence and self-image.
Make sure you will reminisce on all your efforts with the great feeling of doing your best.
Try finding small things in everyday life that bring joy. Notice the solacement in any dark
cloud and create shine from it, and notice laughter. Even in dark times, smiles and giggles will
simply bring contentment. You can do this by interacting closely with people because most are
naturally social and thrive on shut interaction. Try to foster deep relationships with family and
smart friends. Once you trust them and earn the trust of others, you will have more freedom
which will make you happier. Always be working on relationships, to have them stay m...

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