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Quality Textiles International Paper

1025 words - 5 pages

Quality Textiles International Scenario

Quality Textiles International Scenario

Ruby R. Lopez

MGT 449

University of Phoenix

Quality Textiles International Scenario

Quality Textiles International is a company that sells weaved fabric by the oz per square inch. Recently, the company received complaints from customers that the purchased fabric weight is not meeting the requested requirements. Quality Textiles International's quality assurance department stated that the fabric is weighed regularly and carries a mean ...view middle of the document...

523086. Since the initial mean was 2.73 and the new sampled mean 2.98 the analysis indicates that there is a difference of 0.2512 oz/in2. This analysis reveals that the weight amount of the material being sold is a little higher than what it should be. The standard deviation given from the quality assurance is 0.31; the sampled standard deviation came in as 0.52 with a difference of 0.21. The standard deviation was also a little higher than what it should be. The histogram used for the analysis will help determine where the points are out of control. The histogram showed that with passing time the weight of the fabric decreased. Below is the chart that reveals the placements of the points.

In conclusion, Quality Textiles International will have to further their research to find solutions and solve this problem. The weight of the weaved fabric is incorrect and has been making customers unsatisfied. Resolving this issue promptly is recommended so no further loss is persists.


Davis S., Goetsch D. (2010). Quality Management for Organizational Excellence.

Total Quality sixth edition, Chapters 16, & 18. Pearson Education Inc.




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