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Within the last couple of years, more and more people have started to talk about the subject area of quantum agriculture. But what exactly is quantum agriculture?
nice start but don’t start a sentence with “but”. Maybe try:
Within the last couple of years, increasing numbers of people have begun talking about quantum agriculture; but what exactly is it?
Also known as homeo-biodynamic frequency, quantum agriculture involves all the external elements of the vine (geopathy, magnetic pollution and climatic changes).
instead of elements I’d try “external factors affecting”
To better understand quantum agriculture we need to picture the winery or the farm as a body that is looking to rebalance all of its components on a bio-energy level.
So you need to explain what it is before you can say “to better understand”
Quantum agriculture makes use of the latest generation measurement tools, which permit the ultimate study of a plant and their organisms.
Be more specific about measurement tools. What are you measuring?
No sure ultimate is the right word
The software making this possible is called Energetix-Core System™ and it works by transforming the diagnosis (diagnostic) needs of living things; places, organisations etc, into fractals (a geometric figure) and comparing their resonance statistically with those present in the database of the software.
how does it transform them into fractals? “converting data input into fractals”?
The thousands of fractals stored in the database are an archive of information concerning remedies of every kind, psychological syndromes, descriptions of every part of the human body etc.
so is it a database to help fix problems? And why are we talking about the human body? are you comparing it to the farm? does the software do both people and farming?
To input data we need an operator who can mentally visualises the object of the diagnosis and a white noise system.
what data? the specifics of the terrior maybe? Where is this operator putting the data?
The white noise system in an electronic mechanism which generates casual events.
What is a white noise system? like a probability thing?
In this way we have seen that from the beginning to the mind of an operator requires passing through a white noise system to a software that produces fractals. In the same way, for exiting, we can hypothesis that the fractal interface/holograph generator (white noise system) can work in the opposite way, just like with the holograph generator/ focalise thought. This explains how the quantum software can work directly with a dispatch of information, without needing frequency energy carriers (light,sound ect). This can be carried out instantly and at a distance without the physical presence of the object involved. From this we get the name quantum agriculture.
Is it the white noise system that converts the operators notes into fractal based computer language ? if so how does this happen? There is just a lot of science here that needs to be clearer....

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