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After 44 years of rule, Queen Elizabeth I of England dies, and King James VI of Scotland ascends to the throne, uniting England and Scotland under a single British monarch.The daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth succeeded to the throne in 1559 upon the death of her half-sister Queen Mary. The two half-sisters, both daughters of Henry VIII, had a stormy relationship during Mary's five-year reign. Mary, who was brought up as a Catholic, enacted pro-Catholic legislation and made efforts to restore the pope to supremacy in England ...view middle of the document...

Under the early guidance of Secretary of State Sir William Cecil, Elizabeth repealed Mary's pro-Catholic legislation, established a permanent Protestant Church of England, and encouraged the Calvinist reformers in Scotland.In foreign affairs, Elizabeth practiced a policy of strengthening England's Protestant allies and dividing her foes. Elizabeth was opposed by the pope, who refused to recognize her legitimacy, and by Spain, a Catholic nation that was at the height of its power. In 1588, English-Spanish rivalry led to an abortive Spanish invasion of England in which the Spanish Armada, the greatest naval force in the world at the time, was destroyed by storms and a determined English navy.With increasing English domination at sea, Elizabeth encouraged voyages of discovery, such as Sir Francis Drake's circumnavigation of the world and Sir Walter Raleigh's expeditions to the North American coast.The long reign of Elizabeth, who became known as the "Virgin Queen" for her reluctance to endanger her authority through marriage, coincided with the flowering of the English Renaissance, associated with such renowned authors as William Shakespeare. By her death in 1603, England had become a major world power in every respect, and Queen Elizabeth I passed into history as one of England's greatest monarchs.


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3183 words - 13 pages "The Virgin Queen"The Life and Times ofQueen ElizabethOn September 7, 1533, a child was born to Henry VIII, the present King of England. This child, Elizabeth, was the result of Henry's seven-year affair with Anne Boleyn. During Anne's pregnancy, Henry chose to divorce his wife, Catherine of Aragon to marry Anne and legitimize his child. However, the Pope denied his petition for divorce, consequently Henry broke from the Catholic Church and

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426 words - 2 pages Free Elizabeth 1 was once the queen of England. Although, forgotten by her father king Henry Vlll at a very young age. She led her country to victory. She is considered one of the most successful rulers of all time by many. She was an inspiration to many rulers after her and to many young women nowadays. Her reign is known as the golden age. Queen Elizabeth was born September 7th 1533 her father was king Henry Vlll and her mother Anne Boleyn. As a

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1032 words - 5 pages Free professional love and uses it as way to transform people. Queen Elizabeth’s poem “On Monsieur’s Departure” deals with the power of love within the Queen and one of her relationships. Queen Elizabeth talks a lot about her own personal feelings of love throughout this poem, which shows that she is a very emotional person. “I love and yet am forced to seem to hate” (2). The Queen also reveals feelings of transformation throughout this poem, although she is

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1354 words - 6 pages throne. England’s ascension to the throne was an unpleasant experience for Elizabeth. On November 17th of 1558, the current queen passed and Elizabeth was next in line for the position and was crowned Queen of England. England’s condition was at ease during her childhood, but as she grew older England grew worse. Elizabeth’s ascension to the throne gave her several problems to deal with. Although Elizabeth was expecting an easier transition, she would


1081 words - 5 pages 1947.Prince Charles is the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. His title is the Prince of Wales. He was born at Buckingham Palace in 1948. When his mother became the Queen in 1952 he automatically became The Duke of Cornwall. He finished The Trinity College in Cambridge. In 1981 he married Lady Diana Spencer. He divorced her in 1996. Prince Charles has two sons: William - he was born in 1982 and Harry, born in 1984.Princess Anne

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504 words - 3 pages The Defeat of the Spanish ArmadaPhilip II launched the famed Spanish Armada against England in the Spring of 1588. The Armada was a mighty fleet of 130 ships bearing 25,000 sailors and soldiers under the command of the duke of Medina-Sidonia. The main reason that Philip attacked England was because English Queen Elizabeth I had beheaded Mary, Queen of Scots. The reason that Elizabeth killed Mary was that Mary was conspiring against Elizabeth in

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6373 words - 26 pages Free : Story, Plot, and Meaning What was the filmmaker's intent: What is the film's principal theme? The movie depicts a time in history where two faiths, two substantial empires, two rulers, and two distinctly different ways of life collide in the year 1588. The Papist Philip of Spain desires the removal of what he considers the heretic queen of England - Elizabeth. Philip seeks a rationale to attack England while

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1649 words - 7 pages to  address the concerns of his day and display them directly to his audience. Notably  Shakespeare is able to a pinpoint national fears such as the fear of rebellion and  invasion as well as the fear of uncertainty when a new monarch comes into power.  Furthermore, aspects such as the organisation of the rebel’s and the great chain of  being were explored by Shakespeare to both compliment and legitimise Queen  Elizabeth for obvious reasons. The

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1448 words - 6 pages Free life as he was no longer allowed to visit his homeland without the approval of his elder brother. Nonetheless, the crisis would have never of taken place without Wallis Simpson, leaving her with a lifetime of harassment from society. The Abdication left Queen Elizabeth II with an immense amount of responsibilities as head of state, vowing to the Commonwealth that she would put her role as Queen above her own welfare. It is clear that the

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417 words - 2 pages Whitney Elizabeth Houston was born on August 9th, 1963, she sadly passed away February 11th, 2012. Whitney Houston ‘Queen Of Pop’ was born into a music talented family the youngest of three, her mother Cissy was a successful backing singer her cousin Dionne Warwick a singing star and her godmother Aretha Franklin a soul legend. Whitney began her career singing in the gospel choir at her church, The New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey

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370 words - 2 pages Passage. He wrote over 19 pieces of Literature, which later he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1983, and following couple of years he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1988. William Golding died from heart failure on June 19, 1993 and was buried in the village Churchyard at Bowerchalke, Wiltshire in England. He left the world with his last novel, The Double Tongue, however it was incomplete draft and also

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1147 words - 5 pages . Where both deliberate, the love is slight: Who ever loved, that loved not at first sight? Sir Walter Raleigh was a true Renaissance man: He was a courtier in the court of Queen Elizabeth I, an explorer, an adventurer, a warrior, a poet. He is famous for putting down his jacket over a puddle for Queen Elizabeth in an act of stereotypical chivalry. After Queen Elizabeth died, he was accused of plotting against King James I and was sentenced to death

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710 words - 3 pages 1587, Day 1We arrived today on the island of Roanoke. Queen Elizabeth of England had sent us over here to start a colony in the new world. There were about one hundred and twenty people on board that tiny vessel consisting of men, women, and children. I am very happy to make it onto land after so long on the water in a crowded ship. The land is dense with forests, and the bodies of water that surround us are beautiful. John White has been named

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449 words - 2 pages plumber Thomas Crapper invented the toilet. But the credit really belongs to Sir John Harington, a godson of Queen Elizabeth I. In 1857, New York entrepreneur Joseph C. Gayetty manufactured the first packaged pre-moistened sheets of bathroom tissue called "therapeutic paper" in packs of 500 for 50 cents. In 1890, Scott Paper introduced toilet paper on a roll. Over the years, a variety of toilet paper has evolved such as 2-ply paper and quilted

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475 words - 2 pages cultures. Both the New York Times and Haaretz relate the news back to their own cultures. The New York Times reported "Immediately after the attacks, the United States raised its terror alert level from elevated to high for mass transit systems." Haaretz reports on the reactions of the Israeli Prime Minister and President to the bombings: "Sharon telephoned British Ambassador to Israel" and " President Moshe Katsav sent a telegram to Queen Elizabeth II